My October goals overview

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Those of you who have been following my posts will know I fell short of the mark in my September goals. However it’s a new month which means a brand new set of October goals!

  1. Make £300 extra in side hustles

Even though I fell well short of the mark last month, I know this is achievable if I put the time and effort in! It is probably the goal I want to achieve the most too so I really need to focus on it! I have 3 main side hustles that I use – Matched Betting, Ebay selling and Virtual Assistant work for a friend’s business. I do dabble in a couple of survey sites, but got fed up easily for the amount of time and effort needed. However, this brings me on to the next of my October goals:

Read on to find out how I made £300 in my first month on Ebay

  1. Consistently use the survey sites that pay well

Prolific Academic seems to be the one that everyone raves about, and I see people making upwards of £30 a month from it. Every time I check it I have nothing at all – but I do need to check it more regularly.

YouGov is another one I hear good things about – I did use this a few years ago on maternity leave but got fed up. However, I believe they send you a daily survey you’re already screened for and if I start now there is the chance I can cash out to £50 by Christmas. Worth a try.

Populus Live is the other site that I use when I remember as they are well paid compared to others – £3 a survey seems to be common. However if I miss the email it’s usually too late for this. Again this is one where you build up to £50 before cashing out.

Curious Cat – this one is ok, not very high paying but I like the fact that your points equal pence and transfer to your balance in cash straight away. The initial cashout point is around £5.00 but after that there is no limit and you can transfer straight to Paypal.

Vypr – Vypr pays pennies but it is so easy! You get pictures of products, mainly groceries and answer the questions in exchange for points. Each one takes seconds but it can be slow to add up – also the surveys or “steers” as they are known can be slow to show up.

What other survey apps should I be doing? Let me know in the comments!

  1. #FreebiesForChristmas challenge

Just like using survey sites, I see so many people on Instagram especially posting all the great freebies they find, and most of the time I intend to do them myself but end up either forgetting altogether or not being able to find the posts again! I’m going to be more organised this month and try and get my hands on some freebies for stocking fillers or donations.

  1. List ANOTHER 50 items on EBay

As I said in my September goals round up, I have 50 items listed on eBay as of now, but a lot of them have been on there for a while and don’t seem to be shifting. But I also have a lot of other stuff that needs listing – getting around to it seems to be the challenge!

  1. Begin to make a Christmas present list and research prices

I have already begun to do this especially for my daughter. Once I have an idea of the presents I need to buy for people I can start researching prices and taking advantage of any early special offers before Black Friday. I am also going to start thinking of a couple of things I would like for myself. There are certain people in the family that always ask if there’s anything I want and I used to always say no because I could never think of anything! However, last year I made a point of thinking of things I would have bought for myself around the £15 mark and mentioned them when people asked. It made their gift buying for me a lot easier and meant I got something I really wanted too.

Here’s what I bought for friends and family last year

  1. Blogging Goals

I think this month I would just like to see an increase in my traffic. Instagram is working pretty well for me because I put the time in. I think I would also like to see Pinterest working in the same way. I’m not going to put a number on a target because I’m not sure what is achievable. Right now I have 2.7k monthly views which is right down from 4.4k the month before. I haven’t done much on it though so how can I complain?

I also plan to increase my followers on Twitter if I put the effort in.

Basically I think if I could have my 9-5 working hours on my October goals I could smash them all! But who knows how much I will get done in the evenings after being at work or running around after a 3 year old? Only time will tell I guess!

What are your October goals? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve had the very same issues with blog traffic, it was just so quiet in September. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Excited to see how you get on with all of your goals 🙂

    1. Thanks, I think I need to increase my efforts to address this, but it’s so hard to stay on top with everything! Hope yours improves too.

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