Start – and end – your Christmas shopping over Black Friday weekend

Christmas is approaching at an alarming rate, and if you haven’t started to prepare for it yet but want to get organised then this is the post for you! For the past few years I have started and ended my Christmas shopping over the Black Friday weekend – mainly because I know I’m usually getting…Read More

It’s That Stressful Time Of Year: How Can We Build Up A Steady Side Income For Gifts?

Oh dear, it’s that time of year again! And if you’re still paying off last year’s credit card bills, finding ways to magic money out of the sky appears to be our only option, but seeing as the vast majority of us mere mortals don’t have magical powers, we’ve got to find ways to get…Read More

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Engagement Ring

      Instead of telling you what you should be looking for and considering when buying an engagement ring, it is often more beneficial to tell you what to avoid. By doing this you can make sure you avoid any monumental mistakes and that you don’t walk into any major red flags. This also…Read More

3 car Cost Not To Overlook

Having a car is clearly very useful, but it is also liable to be incredibly expensive, and that is something that every car owner in the world knows all too well. It can sometimes feel as though there is not much you can even do to keep those costs down, but the truth is that…Read More

What to look for in a primary school (by a teacher)

I can’t believe that after over 20 years of working in primary education it is finally time for me to view schools as a parent and not a teacher! My daughter is due to start school in September, so for those of you with similar aged children, you may have begun looking into which primary…Read More

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