My 2019 Aims

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My 2019 Aims

2018 has surpassed my expectations in terms of making and saving money, so I’m looking forward to setting my new aims for the year and seeing how I get on with them. I think it’s really important not to set too many goals at once as it is easy to become overwhelmed and then disheartened when it all comes crashing down. This is one of the main reasons I think that traditional New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work.

I have decided to split my goals into the 3 areas I want to work on as follows:


  • Consistently make £300+ per month in side hustles

This should be fairly achievable as I have already been doing it since August last year! I am tempted to up the baseline from £300 but I don’t want to start out on a fail. I can always change this to a higher figure in my monthly goals later in the year.

Want to read how I do it? Check out some of my monthly goal posts here.


  • Complete The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps 1 and 2 (except for house payment)

Baby Step 1 is to save £1000 for an emergency fund. The frustrating thing is, we had this in place, but then the emergencies happened! The washing machine needed replacing which took a hit to the fund, then after topping it back up the boiler broke to the tune of £700 just before Christmas. It is very frustrating when these things happen but without having that emergency money we would have had to resort back to my credit card.

My husband was unsure about this at first, insisting that we should pay off my credit card before saving any money, but this has convinced him that the emergency fund is a better idea.

As we have around £650 a month to put into the fund / debt, we are actually splitting it between both rather than saving it all up first.

Baby Step 2 is to pay off all outstanding debt except your mortgage. We are quite fortunate now that all this entails is my car loan (that has ONE payment left – yippee!) and my credit card. So for those familiar with Dave’s Debt Snowball method, it’s going to be a very short snowball as once the car is paid off this month, the £200 payment will be enough to help pay off the credit card by April.

We don’t actually have a mortgage as our house is owned by my husband’s family as part of a farm. We did take out a loan to extend it which is our mortgage equivalent. At some point in the future we will look at snowballing this payment but it is a very low amount compared to a mortgage for a 4 bedroom detached house (under £300) so it is not really a priority for 2019.


  1. Set up sinking funds and long term savings (Baby Step 3)

After April we should have around £700 a month more than we do now. (I’m just waiting for something to blow up in our face to change this – doesn’t it always?) My plan is to get our joint sinking funds for birthdays, holidays and days out nice and healthy and to spend a considerable amount on the garden – we have a half finished patio and broken fence panels and a few other niggly home maintenance issues.

After this we plan to move on to Baby Step 3 which is to save up 3-6 months of expenses. I’m not expecting to fully achieve this in 2019 but it is the next step in our financial goals.

I have also set up my own sinking funds for car maintenance (my husband has a company car so luckily that’s all paid for), my own treats and days out.

We each have a joint and personal account set up with Starling bank (even though it’s not our main current account) and I really love the way you can set up savings goals on their app – it’s so simple to do without the need for multiple bank accounts.


Sometimes you can be a bit overambitious with personal goals so I wanted to make them realistic! I am happy to say that I consistently work out 3 times a week and have done for around 2 years so I don’t need this as a goal, yippee!

Go for more walks

I live on a farm where we have fields on our doorstep to walk around and it is shameful how little I manage to get out and have a walk! Obviously it is harder on workdays at this time of the year, and convincing my 3 year old to go further than a couple of hundred feet but I am going to try, and also nip off at the weekend when I can go further on my own. I think this will be good on my non- exercise days but also just to get out in the fresh air and away from the screens!

Read 12 Books

This sounds like nothing but at the moment I struggle to read 1 a month. In my defence I am spending most of my spare time blogging and side hustling so it is a productive use of my time, but I need to make time for reading!

Start listening to podcasts

I spend around 2-3 hours a day in my car including my lunch hour so I have plenty of time in which I could put to use! Once podcast I have seen advertised is called Side Hustle School so I would like to check that out and get inspired by other people!

Continue with my good practises begun in 2018:

  • Stop spending on unnecessary things
  • Continue to declutter my possessions and resell where possible
  • Continue The Organised Mum Method
  • Continue my Bullet Journal


These are pretty generic:

  • Increase traffic
  • Increase social media followers
  • Increase Domain Authority

Have you set any goals or aims for the year? How are you going to measure your progress with them? Read on to discover how I break my aims into achievable goals.

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