My midyear 2019 goal review

My midyear 2019 goal review
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My midyear 2019 goal review. I’m not sure how we’re halfway through the year already! I thought it was a good time to review my goals for 2019 that I laid out in January. Back then I split the goals into 3 main areas – Money, Self and Blog. The money is the important one! Here I am going to review them in turn and see how I’ve done.




  • 2019 Goal review 1: Consistently make £300+ per month in side hustles


Unfortunately I haven’t achieved this consistently, although some months I have managed to surpass it. Here’s a breakdown of my sidehustle earnings from the last 6 months:

January: £614.92

February: £393

March: £403.50

April: £254

May: £231.89

June: £249


6 month total: £2146.01!


Although I haven’t consistently hit the £300 target, it is really encouraging to see this total. It is well over a month’s extra wages for me. Some of it is still in my matched betting accounts, some was used to help clear debt and some helped me afford expenses I may have otherwise put on credit, so although I don’t physically have this money it is amazing to think how far having all that in one account could go. It could go a long way towards paying for a family holiday or some new furniture. Now I am debt free I think I will try and save as much as I can in a separate account.


Want to read how I earn extra money from home? Check out some of my monthly goal posts here.


  • 2019 Goal review 2: Complete Baby Step 1 and 2 (except for house payment)


We’ve completed some of this in a backwards way! Firstly, we completed Baby Step 2 and are officially debt free, hooray! My credit card and car loan are now paid in full and I am so proud of being able to do this. I now have an extra £400 a month that is not going to debt!

garden makeover 2

As for Baby Step 1, we have over £500 currently in our emergency fund, it was more but we have used some to improve the garden. Not much of an emergency you might think, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the pictures!

garden makeover 1
The before picture is from a couple of years ago – the playhouse and shed have been bought over the past couple of years.

Basically we had a pile of rubble at the side of our house and no fence that was becoming a safety issue for our daughter. We live on a farm so being surrounded by fields, the fence isn’t as big an issue as it may sound, but even so it needed to be sorted. I don’t regret using the money towards building  raised beds, buying the fence panels and gravel because although it wasn’t on my goals list it is a job that has been on the to-do list for around 3 years and is a big achievement to have completed.



3. 2019 Goal review 3: Fill up sinking funds

Sinking funds, or savings “pots” are a great way to manage your money for separate expenses. I have started these via my Starling account. Once the garden work I complete I will be adding more to them but in the meantime I am going to try and put a little bit each month away as it all adds up. So far, I have separate long term savings pots set up for the following;

Days out


Car maintenance

Birthdays (more for friends and family rather than the household)

Christmas – via Plum

Oil for heating – Our boiler is oil powered as are a lot of farm properties. This means we don’t get a heating bill but have to fill up the tank. We budget £50 a month each for this and every 3 months we buy £300 worth. Just like petrol, the price fluctuates so we try and stock up when the price is lower. Over the summer we can usually get a good deal.

I also have monthly savings pots which I have used successfully since I started my debt free journey. These are for petrol, groceries, child benefit and my own spending money just so I don’t end up spending my petrol money in the Debenhams sale and a round of drinks. (definately something the old me would do!)





Oh dear, I have definitely not been as focused on these goals! That’s ok though as the money goals were the big ones.


2019 Goal review 4: Go for more walks


No, I haven’t done this. It’s summer so the perfect time to try and rectify this I think!


2019 Goal review 5: Read 12 Books


I think I have read 2 maximum. Oh dear. I will definitely be reading more over the summer break.



2019 Goal review 6: Start listening to podcasts


I have succeeded with this – I absolutely loved My Dad Wrote A Porno and managed to listen to the whole 4 series over the first couple of months of the year!

I have also managed to maintain the good habits I started in 2018:



I have been making small but steady progress with my blog and have increased my Domain Authority to 20. This time last year it was 9 so I’m really pleased. My “real” job has had to take priority lately but that is all good for career development too!



Other achievements over the past 6 months:


I gained a national training qualification through my job

Completely stopped all spending on credit

Saved over £300 for Christmas with Plum without even noticing!

So, overall I don’t think I’m doing too badly! Hopefully I can continue to work on these goals with even more success for the next 6 months.

Did you set any 2019 goals? How are you doing with them? Let me know in the comments!

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