Guest Post: How to Teach Kids to Save Money

Today I have a guest post from Elkyra over at Easy Parenting Hacks all about teaching kids to save money. As a parent I cannot stress how important this is and also wish I had learnt to appreciate money from a much younger age.   How to Teach Kids to Save Money   Saving money is…Read More

UK Money Bloggers Spring Giveaway 2020

Spring is fast approaching and although at the time of writing there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, hopefully we can focus on the positives that the change in season can bring. I for one am looking forward to the lighter nights, warmer weather and getting out into the garden (and who knows,…Read More

Is it worth selling CDs on eBay?

Is it worth selling CDs on eBay?   Anyone who has visited a charity shop, car boot or jumble sale in the past few years will know that CDs, once something many of us would happily pay £10 + for, can now barely fetch pennies and are often bundled together in deals such as 5…Read More

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