3 Money Saving Tips for Beauty Products during the Holidays

Whether those on your holiday gift list have been naughty or nice, you have quite a bit of holiday shopping to do. And, this year, your holiday budget is a bit tighter than last year. 2020 has been a year of many ups and downs, especially financially. Perhaps you had extra expenses making changes to your home and work because of the pandemic or even you had less work because of the cancelations and closures. However, that’s where I can help. You can still give the gift of beauty for the holidays. You can treat yourself to beauty products and others without the worry and breaking the bank. Here are three money saving tips for buying beauty products in an economic and smart way during the holidays.



  • Buy makeup that does double duty

Why buy something that only has one use? That is leaving money on the table. Why not buy a beauty product that can be used in multiple ways. For example, try selecting a brown hue of eye shadow that can then be cross-purposed into a bronzer or a blush. The same can be with blemish and dark circle products. Use them for covering acne and pesky circles under your eyes, but also as a primer for your eyeshadow to last longer. My favourite eye circle concealer: Colorescience provide makeup for dark circles under eyes


  • Shop duty-free

Whether you are shopping for perfume, men’s cologne, lotions, and luxury brand makeup, the duty-free shop is a place for savings. Although everyone has spent their last foreign currency before hopping a flight, you don’t need to spend haphazardly. It’s best to do your research before your travels. Investigate what you can get at a savings at the duty-free instead of your local stores. It’s great when you can snag a deal en route to see your family for the holidays. You save time and money at the same time. Here other ways to save pounds on luxury brands.


  • Purchase gift sets

This time of year, you can treat yourself and your family, friends, and colleagues to beauty product gift sets. You get several products (bath wash, lotion, soap, body sprays) that all work well together at a reasonable savings. Plus, instead of wrapping the individual products yourself, you save time and money by getting the gift box or bag already beautifully packaged.


This year has been a rather challenging year for us all. However, you don’t have to stray away from your holiday budget this year. You can easily treat yourself and all your loved ones with beauty products at a savings by shopping wisely. Remember that not all beauty products have double uses, but try to find those that do. Shop while travelling at the airport duty-free shops, but make sure to do your research. Lastly, it is the time to buy holiday sets. Shine at the holidays with gifts that pamper everyone this year.

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