3 Ways To Bag Yourself An Economical Family Car

If your brood is expanding, you might need to consider swapping that luxurious convertible on the driveway for something a little more family friendly. Family cars scream boring. However, that needn’t be the case. If you are somewhat of a petrol head, don’t assume that the joys of driving are now over for you simply because you are searching for an economical vehicle conducive to family life. You need to consider your little cherubs and their safety, but you also want to ensure that driving remains a pleasure. Take a look at how you can ensure that you bag yourself an economical yet exciting family car.


Car Showrooms


Forget about driving a brand new car away from the forecourt. As soon as you venture away from the showroom, your brand new shiny vehicle will have depreciated in value. Instead, consider buying second hand. You could go private and buy from an owner, but this can be more risky. You won’t be entitled to a warranty and you will be purchasing any vehicle as you see it. With a trader, you will automatically receive a three month warranty. Go with a reputable company like Mercedes Used Cars and you will also get the support of a live chat and post sales support.


Make sure that you take any vehicle that you like the look of for a test drive. You want a safe and reliable car for your brood, so listen out for any unusual sounds and call them out. If you aren’t happy, walk away. You can check safety ratings on the Euro NCAP website to make a list of potential motors before you even start car hunting.




Some of the most technologically advanced cars are the hybrid vehicles being brought out by a whole host of car makes. These can be a thrilling ride as you get used to working with new gadgetry and safety features. Hybrid vehicles are safer for the environment, and can now compete with their diesel guzzling counterparts in terms of acceleration, handling, and speed. Hybrid vehicles may be expensive to purchase initially, but they are infinitely cheaper to run in the long term. This is great when searching for an economical family car. You won’t need to pay tax, fuel is virtually non-existent and your insurance will be massively discounted.


Part Exchange


It doesn’t matter how old or dodgy your current vehicle is, a trader will take it in part exchange. This can help you to negotiate a discount on the set of wheels that you have your eye on. Don’t be greedy but have a figure in mind. If the trader is unwilling to get to your magic number, consider asking about a free full tank of fuel, an MOT test or a set of car mats. Anything that you can get for free will be worthwhile.


Cars are expensive; there’s no getting away from it. However, follow this guide and you can bag yourself a fun and economical car for your family.

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