4 Dream Come True Ways to Make Money

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If you ask anyone honestly how they want to live their life, they may start off with wanting to retire early or quit their job. But then what? Boredom sets in and you start to crave something more. But have you ever thought about doing the things you want to do and make money? It sounds too good to be true but here are some ways that you can make money while living your dream lifestyle.

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The word influencer has become a dirty word, and we can’t work out why. The thing that annoys people is how influencers make money off social media but it takes more than a couple of Instagram posts to see the money roll in. The fact is, many influencers have a product to promote, whether it is their own clothing line that they have created or a book they have written.

Some influencers collaborate with brands to suit their niche and audience, from private label lip balm manufacturer to custom vehicles, there is a market for every product if the audience is right.

The vast majority of influencers who are making money are doing it by selling their own products. But if you have a small business, why should you be an influencer? Easy, because by becoming an influencer you can maximise your sales with the minimum amount of work. For you get your dream business but plenty of downtime to enjoy your life.

Digital Nomad

You may have heard this term being thrown about but are not sure what it means. In a nutshell, you work a job but can travel freely while you do it. This is not to be confused with moving for a job where you will need a new house and a chat with a uk immigration lawyer before you go. This involves using your laptop to earn money while you are free to travel as you see fit. Many people and companies are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely so the options for digital nomads are increasing.


Being a writer is a lot harder than most people think, it is more than just throwing words at a page and hoping they make sense. However, being a writer is a dream job for a lot of people and it is easier to get into than you think. If you have no experience, you could start off as a blogger as you hone your craft. You could even write a book and self publish it. Writing is a skill that you need to work at, and as you get better, more opportunities present themselves to you.

Reddit Stocks

This is an unusual one but stay with us for a second. Did you know that Reddit users watched the stock market and ended up making a fortune? How did they do it? We have no idea but what we do know is a group of individuals decided to play the stock market at their own game and walked away with a tidy sum. And for some people, they made millions of dollars overnight. Working with stocks and shares is complicated, so don’t go investing all of your money into something because the nice avatar on Reddit said you should.

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