August 2019 Goals: How I made £500 over the summer

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Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Melissa S.

My August 2019 goals


It’s been a while since I’ve done a goal breakdown at the end of the month, and this is largely due to not having time to either achieve my monthly goals or maintain my blog as often as I would have liked due to my “day job”.

Over the summer holidays I have managed to get back into the swing of everything, including my blog which I am really pleased about.

Although I don’t share my blogging goals on Instagram, I had an aim to maintain regular posting on both my blog and social media and I am pleased to have achieved these in August. It’s hard when life gets in the way, and it’s fine to have a break but I was keen to get back on track when I could, before a break became a cycle of becoming demotivated.

Over the 6 week summer holidays I gave myself a target to make £500. I managed to make £160 in July using much of the methods in the breakdown below. Therefore in August I needed to make over £340. I’m pleased to say I managed it!

Here is a breakdown of my goals including the full details of how I made £362 though sidehustling.


Matched Betting: £71

This is probably my lowest monthly total ever, but I have not been doing it consistently in order to focus on my blog. It just goes to show it is hard to juggle everything!


You can find out more about how to get started with Matched Betting here.


Ebay: £25


Again not my best total! I have around 80 items listed but most of them are a couple of months old. I read that listing daily does wonders for your sales, even of the older, unshiftable stuff so that’s what I’m planning to do, it just didn’t happen this month.


Read more about my ebay reselling journey here


Blog: £30


You can find out one of the ways my blog makes money here.


Mazuma Mobile: £65


I cashed in my old iPhone 6S for £65 to Mazuma mobile. I wasn’t interested in reselling it as the battery was dreadful which was my main reason for upgrading after over 3 years. I wish I could replicate this every month!


Proofreading – £150


This was for a friend privately but it was easy work that as a teacher with an English degree, I found easy and enjoyable. I may look into doing this via a website such as People Per Hour in the future.


Survey apps: £16


I’m not a massive fan of survey apps but these were easy money!


Streetbees is probably my favourite, you get paid to complete short surveys about your lifestyle and what you are doing, such as feeding a pet or eating breakfast. You need to provide photographic evidence of products and brands there and then so you can’t wing it!

Free surveys are also on offer that you need to complete to get access to the paid content. They take around 5 mins to complete and are simple enough. The paid surveys are sporadic and places fill up, so you need to check daily. I earnt £8 this month.

Sign up to Streetbees here and use my referral code 7882M5

YouGov – YouGov surveys are paid in points which you can cash out at £50, or 5000 points. I have typically got 1-2 per week which is slow going but for some reason in August I seemed to get more like 4 or 5 a week. My total is now over 3500 points so I’m hoping for that £50 cashout by Christmas!


Sign up to YouGov using my referral here.


BeMyEye – This is essentially a mystery shopper app. I didn’t get on with this one as well as I would have liked. The first assignment I reserved was at my local newsagents, but when I turned up the app said I was about 0.5 miles away and it turned out the app had the address incorrect (as it was pinpointed in the middle of a residential street). I managed to override this to attempt the assignment, but it was a very small shop and difficult to take the required photos discreetly (which you are supposed to do!).

For example, I had to take photos of a display right in front of the cashier desk. There was no way I could do this in this particular shop without looking like a weirdo and in full view of the staff, so I gave up the mission.

I did manage to repeat the same assignment at another branch that was much larger where I could be discrete and earned £6.00 for this.

I then completed a further assignment in a large retail park electrical store which I found a lot more straightforward as the shops are so vast no one notices, and taking photos looks legitimate as you could be pricing up different models of a product. The assignment was worth £10 but unfortunately it got rejected due to a minor error I made about the type of display units in the shop that didn’t match my photos. (Island displays? Shop within a shop? I’m clearly not down with the retail lingo yet!) I had the chance to go back and amend but couldn’t do in time so again I unfortunately had to give this one up too.


Rookie errors I guess! I’m far more comfortable just doing personal surveys but I won’t rule this one out to try again.


If you fancy signing up to BeMyEye, use my referral code PPXP29 and get a bonus when you complete your first mission.

My other August 2019 goals

Declutter several areas of the house – I have enjoyed doing this but it is definitely an ongoing process. I dropped off a couple of bags at the charity shop and put some items in the loft my daughter has now outgrown ready for a sibling.

Home and Garden improvements – I am more the project manager and in charge of the cashflow as my husband does all the labour! We have managed to cashflow the money for a desperately needed new fence which he is in the middle of fitting. He has also completed our patio and some other bits and pieces. I’m very lucky to have such a “handy” husband and even better that we have saved and cashflowed all the money for these diy projects. I will post in full about it separately.

Did you set any August 2019 goals? You can read more of my goal roundups here


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