August Goals: How I plan to make £500 and more!

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August Goals: How I plan to make £500 and more

August is a funny month for a lot of people with the kids being off school as they find they have much less time to work on their goals, and more expenses. Although I’m right there with the increased expenses, working in Education I actually have more time to myself as I am off work until early September. My 3 year old daughter continues to attend nursery 2 days a week (she normally goes to family on the other day I work, but I don’t do this over the summer), so I actually have 2 full days a week to myself! Also, I can have later nights working on my goals as I don’t need to get up for work. (A 3 year old can be quite a good alarm clock though!). Here are my goals for August.


  1. Make £500 extra over the school holidays

I actually started this challenge a couple of weeks ago when school finished on 19th July. I do have a regular income stream as a Virtual Assistant of £50 a month so this will be £100 ticked off by the end of August. I have also cashed in my Quidco balance of £70 that has been there for months – so although I’m adding it to my total, it hasn’t been made just over the summer.

The other ways I plan to add to this fund are continuing with Matched Betting and Ebay, as well as developing my blog. I have neglected Ebay recently so I’m hoping to up my game while I have more time.

I am also going to up my game on survey sites and try and do just a couple a day. My favourite ones are Populus Live as they are quite high paying, and Curious Cat as you can cash out to PayPal quickly and easily. I have to say although it is literally just pennies, Vypr is another favourite as it is so quick and simple and no tedious questions to fill out or screening out. If you check every day you can probably make about £5 a month – but it all adds up!

I know there are lots of others I just haven’t had the time to investigate so I will be trying out some new ones too. I’m joining in with this August challenge thread over on The Money Shed Blog to keep me accountable.

  1. Declutter

The house is in definite need of a declutter so I want to tackle this over the summer and hopefully find some things to eBay. I am a big fan of the KonMarie method but I don’t think I will have time for this with a 3 year old to entertain so I plan to tackle 1 room at a time over the course of the school holidays.

  1. Refine my housework routine

I am a massive fan of The Organised Mum method – it literally changed my life when I discovered it! With the recent heatwave (too hot for housework!) and end of term chaos in school though I have to admit I have slipped a bit, especially on my work days so my aim is to tweak it to fit with what will work for me.

  1. My Fitness Pal

I am pretty happy with my exercise routine as I work out around 3 days a week and I am a healthy weight, however over the summer holidays my eating can really take a nosedive. MyFitnessPal works so well for me to keep my calories on track and judge whether I can have that extra biscuit or not! But again it’s something I go through phases in sticking with. I have never been a fan of diets or low fat / low sugar stuff (as what they put in is far worse than having the proper ingredients in my opinion!) so I would rather just track my calories and eat what I want. If I stick to my calorie goal 80% of days then I don’t feel guilty about the other 20%. (Life tip: – NEVER put a Dominos pizza into My Fitness Pal. Just write the day off and enjoy it 😊).


  1. Me time every day!

Haha – what’s that? And when on earth do I plan on finding the time for it?! Well again The Organised Mum has just launched a new routine called Mind, Body, Soul and already I can see what a fantastic idea it is. Just like the cleaning, you schedule in something each day just for you – do your nails, read, use a body scrub – it doesn’t have to be something that takes up the whole day! (But a whole day of reading would be bliss).

I have never done a monthly goals post before, partly because I think I am too scared of failing miserably, but also it means I have nothing to aim at and I am losing track of the progress I am making. Having spoken to some lovely bloggers and Instagram people, I realise it doesn’t matter if I don’t achieve everything, the important thing is to try – and aim high!

What are your goals for the month? Let me know in the comments, or join in with the linky below.

For bloggers – I’m taking part in the  Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at

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