August Goals round up- how I made almost £500 and lost 10 inches!

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I have really enjoyed setting myself a challenge this month, so I am definitely going to continue into September! Here’s a recap of how I’ve gone with my August goals.

  1. Make £500 extra over summer holidays: (6 weeks) Current extra earnings: £472. So close with 4 more days to go! This is how it breaks down:

Quidco cashout: £70 (Obviously this has NOT been earnt since July 19th but I have been saving it for a rainy day and it is much needed at the moment!)

Twitter Virtual Assistant for a friend’s business: £125 for July & August

Ebay: £170.00 – This was largely made up of my own items decluttered. A couple of computer games, a few clothes, and my biggest sale was a 35mm film camera that sold for £100.

Matched Betting: £67 in a week, need to up this to hit my target!

Blog: £20 from collaborative posts

Survey apps: Approximately £20 from Populus Live, Quickthoughts and Curious Cat – I have not been focused on using them at all this summer.


I am really pleased to be so close to the target to make £500! School doesn’t start until next week so I am hoping for a couple more eBay sales but I plan on using Matched Betting to take me over the target. Finding the time has been the main issue but I would say for anyone looking to make some decent money quickly, eBay and Matched Betting are your 2 most obvious starting points.


  1. Declutter

I have made good progress with this over the summer and cleaned up some key areas of the house. We also emptied some stuff out of the loft, some of which will fetch a good price on eBay which is always good news! The only trouble now is it is cluttering up one room again until it is sold!

  1. Refine my housework routine

I have found it difficult to stick to the housework routine being off for the summer, it actually seems to work better even on top of working! I am looking forward to getting back into a routine with this next week.


  1. Using My Fitness Pal to track my calorie intake

Again, this has gone out of the window being off routine. However, I have done 2 “intense week” bootcamps where I have exercised every day for a week (the 2 weeks were a month apart) and I have lost 10 inches over the summer which I am immensely pleased with – especially combined with a diet of eating out and drinking! 10 inches sounds drastic but it is half an inch off my arms, 3 off my waist etc – not 10 off one place!

  1. Me time!

This has been a partial success. My aim is to schedule in a bit of me time every day – things like reading, doing a face mask etc. Some of this has happened but not as consistently as I would like. However, I have had a lot more “me time” than usual being off work. I have had a night out with friends, been on a hen party, had a spa day and had a couple of child free trips to the shops for a coffee and a wander. Also got a child free day on Saturday with my husband which is a rare treat.

Overall I am really pleased with how my goals have worked out this month and will definitely set up some new goals for next month!

Let me know how your own goals for August have gone in the comments.

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