August Goals: Progress Update Week 1

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This is week one of my goals update for August.Writing a weekly post linked to my August Goals is definitely helping me keep accountable, especially over the summer holidays when my usual routine is completely out. Here’s a quick update on how I’m doing.

  1. Make £500 over summer holidays

(I actually started this personal challenge on July 19th so this is actually week 3 of this goal.)

Earnings so far:

Quidco cashout: £70 (Obviously this has NOT been earnt since July 19th but I have been saving it for a rainy day and it is much needed at the moment!)

Twitter Virtual Assistant for a friend’s business: £50 so far (July’s earnings). I have earnt an extra £25 on top of my monthly £50 fee so my totally for the end of August will now be £125, yay!

Ebay: £15 from 1 sale this week, I need to list more this week.

Matched Betting; £0, I haven’t had time this week.

Blog: £20 from collaborative posts.

Quickthoughts: £11.50 (iTunes) – this was from lots of in-store tasks for £1.50 a time over the past couple of weeks.

Curious Cat: £1.09 (I haven’t been focused on surveys this week).

TOTAL: £242.59

I am really pleased with this total! Less than halfway through the summer holidays and I’m almost halfway at my target. I plan to focus on Ebay, Matched Betting and a few quick and easy surveys to boost this in the coming week.


  1. Declutter

I’ve made a good start on my clothes and got rid of a couple of bagfuls of things to resell or donate. My next target areas are the spare bedroom and utility room, both of which are currently dumping grounds for ebay stock and general rubbish.


  1. Refine my housework routine

This has not happened this week. I am still following my own adapted version of The Organised Mum method but I’ve been away visiting family Fri-Monday and so haven’t had chance to do much.


  1. My Fitness Pal

Hahaha, ditto! I ate out on Friday night, was at a party with a buffet Saturday night and then Fish & Chips at the beach on Sunday so I have not been keeping track. This is the danger with the summer holidays! I think it’s fine to have a weekend off if you are going away, but if I’m not careful a weekend of bad eating could continue for 6 weeks.

  1. Me time!

As I mentioned last week, I have started to follow the Organised Mum’s new Mind, Body, Soul routine. Being away I haven’t nailed a routine down but I have definitely started to take little things on board, such as taking the time to use a body scrub in the shower a couple of times a week! It might sound daft but it’s making a difference to just make the effort to do this instead of thinking “I don’t have time!”. I also watched a few makeup tutorials on YouTube and made more effort with my makeup for my nights out at the weekend instead of just sticking to my normal routine. This week I would like to make time to read, do a weekly facemask and binge-watch some Netflix.

Do you have any goals for August? Let me know in the comments!

I’m taking part in the  Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at

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