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Last Updated on February 17, 2021 by Melissa S.

When I first set up my blog, I didn’t really have an expectation of making any money from it, it was just a way of documenting my money saving journey. I assumed that to make any sort of money I would need to have a ton of followers and be well established. After all, why would brands approach a newbie like me?

However, once I began networking with other bloggers I quickly realised there were lots of opportunities for new bloggers and those with smaller followings – without using affiliate links or brand sponsorships which may be traffic dependent – through a process called Blogger Outreach.


What is Blogger Outreach?


Blogger Outreach is a process that is mutually beneficial to both brands and bloggers. It connects brands with bloggers appropriate to their audience – e.g. a beauty brand would connect with a beauty blogger – in order to reach their target audience. It may not even be specifically all about the product or brand in question, but just a link to their site in a way that would fit in naturally.


To give another example, a parent blogger may write a post listing half term activity ideas for kids, so companies that cater for children may wish to feature in such a post to reach the blogger’s audience – which is their target audience of parents. The blogger would then be paid for featuring a link to the company.


Obviously, as a blogger it is very important that you are transparent with your audience, and disclaimers state that posts may contain sponsored or affiliate links. Personally I would always ensure that I was happy with the product or service I was mentioning, just in the same way that I mention products or brands I use naturally in my posts.



How do Brands get in touch with Bloggers?


This is where the blogger outreach service comes in. It would be time consuming for both brands and bloggers to find mutually agreeable connections that would benefit both their brands. By registering with an outreach agency such as Get Blogged, the process becomes much simpler. Blogs (and the subsequent posts) are quality checked before they are approved, so the brand can be confident that their product or service is being featured on a quality website.


For the blogger, being able to apply for a variety of assignments from the convenience of one platform means it is quick and easy, and they are also made aware of a variety of brands that they may not have otherwise encountered.


To summarise – what are the benefits?


For brands:

  • Reaching out to a taylor-made audience through a blogger in their product’s niche;
  • Building backlinks to their website which increases Domain Authority;
  • Building their reputation


For bloggers:

  • Being paid to blog!
  • Becoming aware of new brands and services;
  • Signposting your audience to relevant products for them


How much can you earn as a blogger?


This depends on a number of factors, including the Domain Authority of your website. With Get Blogged, the assignment price is always listed so you know how much you will be paid, as well as how many words and any links to include. As a blogger, you are always in control of selecting the assignments that suit your blog. Equally, all applications are quality checked so if you applied for something that doesn’t fit your niche, it would likely be rejected.


If you are interested to know how much I earn from my blog each month, you can check out my monthly goal roundup posts at the end of each month.


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