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#Ad – Smart Ways To Use A Credit Card

#Ad – Smart Ways To Use A Credit Card   Credit Cards can be a dividing issue when it comes to personal finance. However, when used responsibly, there can be a number of benefits to their use.   I’ve therefore partnered with HSBC to explore smarter  Ways To Use A Credit Card.     How…Read More

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Smart ways to get your health goals back on track

Smart ways to get your health goals back on track    It’s no surprise to find that during lockdown, many people’s health goals took a bit of a backseat. Although I am pleased that home workouts and walking have actually had a positive impact on my fitness routine, I know that my eating has definitely…Read More

Pick My Postcode Free Lottery: Could you be a winner?

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you sign up to Pick my Postcode, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. What is Pick My Postcode? Pick my Postcode is a free lottery that gives away cash prizes every day. It is completely free to join, all you need is…Read More

Add value to your property with a home office

When thinking about 2020 and the current pandemic, it can be hard to come up with any positives whatsoever. However, for myself and many others, working from home is an impact that has benefitted our family.   I work in the education sector part time which involves direct teaching, so I am still visiting schools…Read More

6 Things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)

6 things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)  6 things to buy secondhand I am a recent convert to charity shop fashion after taking part in SecondHand September. However I have been selling and reselling on ebay for over a year now, and around 80% of my listings are not clothing, bags or shoes. Whether…Read More

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