UK Money Bloggers Spring Giveaway 2020

Spring is fast approaching and although at the time of writing there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, hopefully we can focus on the positives that the change in season can bring. I for one am looking forward to the lighter nights, warmer weather and getting out into the garden (and who knows,…Read More

UK Money Bloggers Festive Giveaway 2019

UK Money Bloggers Festive Giveaway 2019 It’s the first of December and the date I officially think is acceptable to begin to talk all things Christmas! As we all know, it is an expensive time of year and in past posts I have discussed in detail my top tips for saving money at this busy…Read More

6 Things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)

6 things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)  6 things to buy secondhand I am a recent convert to charity shop fashion after taking part in SecondHand September. However I have been selling and reselling on ebay for over a year now, and around 80% of my listings are not clothing, bags or shoes. Whether…Read More

September’s Secondhand finds

September 19’s Secondhand finds As the end of secondhandseptember has come and gone,  I have enjoyed sharing my finds so much that I have decided to make it a regular monthly feature. Whether I have bought items to resell or keep, I will share them each month and give you all the details. Until I…Read More

6 Essential Tips For Buying Secondhand Clothing

6 essential tips for buying secondhand clothing Oxfam’s Secondhand September campaign is well underway, and where I’m not usually a fan of organised alliteration months, this was one campaign I wanted to be involved in. Why Secondhand September? First and foremost, when I began my debt free journey I pretty much kicked the habit of…Read More

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