Children’s Cove: it’s their room, not yours

Are you the type of parent that thinks your child’s room is really just your room? The argument could be that since they’re in your house, yes it is your room. That can only go so far, and usually, it ends up at the financial argument. However morally, you have some questions to ask yourself. Is your child a thing or a human being? They don’t have a little corner of the world they can call their own just yet, therefore do you want to treat them like they do, or not? How else can a person develop their own personality, their own way of thinking and being, if not to start off by making their bedroom, their own? If you’ve just been struck with a dilemma, whoever said parenting was going to be easy!? Okay, enough with the questions, here are some suggestions of how you can make your child’s bedroom feel more like a well-rounded room for them.


Covering the basics


Duvet covers are something so basic that no parent should ever think of not giving their child a say in them. If your child like a particular tv show, a character, a specific football team or music artist, why should they not be allowed to have them as their duvet sheet? Children respond remarkably well to the prospect of actually adhering to their bedtime when they have a bed that feels like their own. It’s really quite a non-issue but many parents decide to buy something that will be longer lasting as children can grow out of their likes and dislikes in a matter of weeks or months. However, go the extra mile and buy them a duvet cover that their personality likes and the rest can be the boring whites. It’s also great for their imagination and could encourage them to want to explore that deeper with a bedtime book.


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Miniature and grown


Children like to imitate their parents. From walking around in their mum’s shoes, to putting on their father’s aftershave, kids do some odd things. It’s not that they want to be you perse, it’s just that they want to be seen as an adult. Parents verbally encourage and reward children when they do act grown up because it’s part of becoming older and more responsible. In the Cuckooland’s childrens bedroom furniture collections there are sofas that are designed for children only. These are made out of fabric, they have armrests, and pillars just like a full-sized chair. They are loose cover seats as we all know children can get a bit rough and underestimate their own strength. These sofas would be great for the child’s bedroom to help them relax and watch their shows on a tablet or smartphone calmly. They’re also great chairs to get them to sit down and either eat their food or finish their homework.


Sooner or later you have to accept that it’s great for a child to start developing their own personality very early on. Allowing them to make their bedroom, their own, is the first step toward them becoming independent. It also shows them you’re not controlling and that you actually care about their opinions.


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