My December goals overview

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Last Updated on December 3, 2018 by Admin

I am slightly late with my December goals post this month, let’s just say life has taken over as we have had quite a big (but nothing serious) issue to deal with in our personal lives that has taken up a great deal of time over the past couple of weeks. Now that is out the way I can get back to spending my evenings on my blog and side hustles which have taken a bit of a hit as a result.

  1. Make £300 in side hustles

I managed to achieve this last month despite a couple of weeks where I couldn’t dedicate as much time as usual to matched betting and eBay listing, so if it wasn’t for Christmas I would be tempted to up my goal. However being realistic I am keeping this at £300 for now, and maybe I will up it in the new year.

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  1. Pre Christmas toy declutter

This isn’t so much getting rid of things as all the toys my daughter is now a bit old for are stored in the loft, but it is more having a good sort out and putting everything back where it belongs. The toy box and bedroom storage boxes used to be fairly well sorted out, e.g. dolls and dolls accessories in one, small world play in another etc, but at the moment everything is completely jumbled up when tidying up has been rushed  and the space is not being used well! It will definitely be an advantage to get this done before Santa brings even more clutter toys!

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  1. Don’t each too much junk!

This is a given for most people over the festive season, but I’m adding it here so I can be accountable to myself when I do my goals updates in the middle and end of the month! I have never been a fan of diets or weighing myself; I am not overweight and I consistently exercise 3 times a week so I cut myself a bit of slack when it comes to food. I eat fairly healthily at mealtimes but it is the extra snacks where I need to make sure I don’t go mad! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be denying myself a mince pie or 2 but there is no reason to be mainlining Quality Street for the whole month (but I might do for Christmas week!).

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  1. Blogging goals: Complete Branding course Beta

I am lucky enough to be a beta tester for a branding course and I am steadily working my way through it. There is a completion deadline so it made sense to make this my blogging goal for this month. After completing the first 2 modules I have found it really interesting and am looking forward to implementing the changes on my blog in the new year.

So there’s my December goals  – a bit shorter than usual to account for the reality of a bit of a Christmas break! Have you got any December goals? Don’t put it all off for January – get a head start on things now!

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  1. Im on a declutter in the house too – we have so much stuff we never use or two of something as my husband had his own place before he moved in with me. I am sure you’ll manage these goals. love Bec 🙂
    nipped over from the Charlotte’s link up.

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