My December goals update

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Admin

Oh my gosh, it’s nearly Christmas!!! It’s been a long 8 week slog of a half term in school, but Christmas still seems to have crept up on me! I’ve already had a mini moan on Instagram at feeling behind with blogging and side hustles in general, but let’s see how I’ve been doing so far with my December goals update.  

  1. Make £300 in side hustles – £203.50 so far

  I’m pleased I’m past the half way mark despite not having as much time as usual to work on things. It really hits home why several income streams is a good idea as when one isn’t doing much, you still have the others ticking over.  

Virtual Assistant work  – £50 set fee.

This is going to rise to £75 in the new year which I am really pleased about. I basically manage the social media for a friend’s business but their website has just re-launched so I’ve been busier than usual launching a competition and linking photoshoot images.  

Ebay – £62.50

Is there anything better than getting that eBay CHA-CHING noise especially when it’s out of the blue? A couple of rare magazines I had listed months ago finally sold for £30 and £25 each to the same buyer, as well as a couple of other bits of my own clutter for a few quid each.  

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Matched Betting – £56 on free spins  

I haven’t been doing much of this in between blog writing, Christmas and everything else. I have been checking the Christmas offers for free spins pretty much daily as this only takes a few minutes, but I haven’t done any actual betting for a couple of weeks. I have said it repeatedly but Matched Betting is definitely not always easy money – you get out what you put in in terms of effort!  

£130 win
After wagering I came away with £45 profit on these risk free spins


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20 Cogs
Waiting for them to all turn green and then I can cash out!

20 Cogs – I am not counting my earnings from this until it is paid in as it is likely to be January but I have now unlocked all 20 cogs and they are all green or amber so it’s just a waiting game to see when they all turn green. When I can cash out it will be for £203 – some money had to be spent in order to get the cashback but all in all it should be around £160 profit. This should make for a more comfortable January with any luck!  

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Blog – £35 in affiliate links    

  • Pre-Christmas toy declutter – DONE

  I managed to declutter a big Ikea storage bag of outgrown toys for the loft and reorganised the existing things. There is a lot more space for the new things that Santa will be bringing, I just hope we don’t end up overrun again after restoring some order!  

  • Don’t each too much junk! – Hmmm 5/10!!

  Hmmm, no one else in my house eats mince pies but a box of 12 mini ones is down to 2! However, I don’t think we’ve had a single takeaway in December yet but one is planned for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I have also been keeping up with exercising 3 times a week. I go to the gym on a Friday, a HIIT class on a Tuesday and a 1 hour bootcamp on a Sunday. The last classes are this week so I’m hoping the break doesn’t set me back!  

  • Blogging goals: Complete Branding course Beta –In Progress

  I have completed a further module of this and have 2 to go. With any luck, I can complete these before Christmas, or at the very least by the end of December.   I will be updating my progress later in the month. How are you doing with your December goals?

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