Don’t Let Virgin TV Channel Drop Affect You

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Last Updated on August 1, 2018 by Admin

If you’re one of the Virgin TV customers who’s been affected by the sudden loss of some of their favourite channels, you might have chosen to wait for a little while to see if your suppliers would come to a belated agreement with the BBC. Unfortunately, the days have passed since Virgin Media lost 10 UKTV channels and there is no indication of any progression. While the company has tried to replace the channels with others, it’s fair to say that a sports channel isn’t an adequate replacement for Dave. With 4 million customers affected by the situation, Virgin doesn’t seem to have come to an acceptable or user-friendly solution. So, what are your rights and what can you do, without breaking the bank, to secure your favourite channels and access to shows? As it happens, now is the best time to reconsider your Virgin membership and contracts – all contracts – and look for a cost-saving alternative.



What can you do about it if you’re a new customer?

If you’ve recently signed to a TV package with Virgin Media, it’s fair to say that you might be worried about the sudden and unforeseen change in your package. For a lot of holidaymakers, the bad surprise appeared on the screen when they turned the TV on coming back from vacation. You’ll be pleased to know that you can come to a happy compromise or an advantageous solution with the Virgin team. You can use the UKTV loss as an opportunity to haggle your bill down – remember to be polite. You might have to talk to a few agents to come to a solution. You can also cancel your contract on the basis that the package is not what you paid for initially.


Can you save money by switching?

Is switching TV entertainment providers going to save you money in the long term? In the current situation, you are likely to find a better deal – especially a deal that offers the channels you want to watch – from other providers. However, for a lot of Virgin customers, the TV package was only one of the many services they received from the provider. You can use this opportunity to check out prices on a site like moneypug for all your Virgin services, including broadband. It isn’t always cost-efficient to stay with one provider only.


Additional savings you haven’t considered yet

Don’t make the mistake that many other Virgin TV customers are making, which is to switch TV provider without looking at the big picture. While you are in the process of comparing prices, you also need to think about how services hang together. For instance, as you begin to explore how to potentially replace or abandon some of your Virgin services, you might get to realise that you are not making the most of all services. For instance, if you’ve signed to a phone contract with Virgin at the same time, you can try to use the change of TV package to talk your way out of the multi-service contract. A paid phone SIM card could be a cheaper option, especially if you’re only using online apps through the WiFi. Admittedly, before you come to decide, you should run a budget analysis and a review of your usage of all services.  


In the long term, Virgin TV has enabled millions of customers to look out for better options. Don’t mourn the loss of your UKTV channels and embrace the chance to transform your entertainment package!

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