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In the UK alone, we waste over seven million tonnes of food every single year. It’s a shocking statistic, and goes to show just how big the problem really is. When it comes to food and drink, if you know you’re spending or buying too much then here are a few home truths that might help you to make better decisions in future.


Wasting food is bad for the planet- and our pockets

Wasting food has a massively detrimental effect on the environment and is something we all should be thinking about more. Not only is the space, energy and resources wasted on growing or raising food that’s never going to be eaten, but it’s then sent to landfill (which contributes to ground pollution) or incinerators (which burn fossil fuels). When it comes to the environment, it can feel like as a small person on a massive planet that what we do won’t have an impact- however it’s not the case. Each and every one of us needs to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint. As well as saving you money, stopping wasting food can also help the earth. Learn how to store foods properly- things like fresh produce and meat can last a long time if they’re correctly put away. This means knowing which fruits and veg to store in the fridge, and which to store in the cupboard. Learn how to use up your leftovers, and how to turn ingredients that are running out of time into meals that can be divided up and frozen. While buying in bulk and doing a ‘big shop’ can save you money, you need to know how to use up or store your fresh ingredients to make them last, as they will only ever have a short shelf life.


We buy things we don’t need or even want

Supermarkets are designed down to the finest detail to make you spend money. The way that the products are placed, the layout, the way the items are priced and everything else have all been shown to help sway you to put things in that trolley. To avoid being influenced by their marketing tactics, it’s useful to always shop with a list. That way you know exactly what you need, and you’re not being influenced to pick things up just because they look nice or seem like a good deal. Promotions are designed to make you feel like you’re saving,  but actually make you spend more money. It’s not a good deal if you buy something you didn’t need or even particularly want! Create a weekly dinner menu and then shop based on this, there are loads of inexpensive family favourites on Pinterest which can give you ideas.


We spend more money than is imaginable

Have you ever sat down and actually added up all of the money you’re spending on food each month? Chances are, you’d be extremely shocked. One of the best tips to pay off debt is to reduce what you’re spending, and cutting back on your groceries is a proactive way to do this. If you shop smart, you’ll eat better, help the environment and save yourself money too.


While food is important and enjoyable, if you’re buying things you don’t need and it’s getting wasted or just sitting in the cupboard unused then your money could be better spent elsewhere.

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