How I side hustled over £400 in March 2019

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Last Updated on April 18, 2019 by Melissa S.

One of my aims for 2019 was to consistently make £300 in side hustles a month. I’m pleased to say that once again in March I have smashed this total! I always get lots of messages on Instagram asking how, so here as usual is the breakdown:

Virtual Assistant work – £75

I post on social media up to 10 times daily for a friend’s business so this is a fixed fee for my work.

Matched Betting – £226

Cheltenham is a lucrative time for matched bettors although my total is similar for February where I hit a couple of big wins. I try to do offers daily but stick to the simple stuff. I’m planning to put together a beginner’s guide to Cheltenham very soon. In the meantime, if you want to get started with Matched Betting you can check out my total beginner’s guide here.

Ebay £43.50

I need to get listing to see better returns here, I sound like a broken record as I seem to say this a lot lately! However, most of these sales are my existing possessions being decluttered so it is pure profit.

Amazon £4.00

Amazon selling is a new venture for me, I’m starting off small and trying to learn the ropes rather than focusing on making a fortune but there are certain items that sell better on Amazon than eBay. I sold a sealed board game in a matter of days that had languished on eBay for months. After fees and postage costs of around £4.00 I was left with £4.00 profit so it is definitely something to take into consideration when you are pricing items.

Blog – £55.00

Most of my blogging money comes from blogger outreach and collaborative posts. I’m pleased with this amount as it is very easy money! And what’s more, you don’t need a ton of traffic to get started earning. You can find out more about blogger outreach here.


How did I get on with the rest of my goals?


It was a bit of a mixed bag of success this month. Below is a brief summary of what they were and how I did.


Pay £160 side hustle money to my credit card debt (£710 in total)

I fell short of this target, but still managed to pay a total of £75 extra from my Virtual Assistant work, so you might be wondering where did the extra £300 go? I really try not to spend my matched betting money as you need a pot of money for laying and backing the bets in order to make more. Also I find the times I have dipped into it it is too easily done and suddenly I’m £100 down out of the pot.

Any money from blogging and ebay sales stays in my Paypal account ready to be paid onto the credit card, but due to my husband’s and daughter’s birthdays I needed to dip into it this month. It is still preferable to using the credit card of course so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Next month, when the card is hopefully paid off in full it will be good to set up some sinking funds for birthdays and other expenses.


List 50 things on eBay

I set myself this target every month and not once have I achieved it! However I have so much to list that I have banned myself from trying to find any more stock in charity shops or carboot sales until everything is listed. Most of it is our own clutter from around the house too. I am determined to hit this target in April!


Track my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal

I am not a fan of diets – the mentality of them, restricting foods or any of it. However, I know lately I have been mindlessly snacking which will be rocketing up my calorie intake. I started off the month well tracking my calories and this was enough to make me more mindful of what I am eating. I need to be more consistent with this though or I know I will slip back into old habits!


Blogging & social media schedule


I set myself some targets to consistently post on my Blog twice a week and daily on my social media channels. Before I started blogging I couldn’t really understand when people took a break due to being overwhelmed with it all, but I can really see why now. Some days you just don’t feel like doing it and it can be mentally draining. The trouble is, this can obviously then affect your traffic and engagement. My blog is more of a hobby as I fit it in around my part time job, but I know if I want to make a success of it I need to put the effort in and treat it like a business. However, finding the right work / life balance is so important and as an ex-teacher I know this very well! I am used to spending most of my evenings working, but it’s nice to know I have the option of a night off as my workload is purely self inflicted.


So this is how I got on in March 2019. You can check back at the end of the month to see how I get on in April, or follow me on Instagram where I share my goal overviews and updates.

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