How To Find A Last-Minute Holiday Deal

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If you find the idea of a holiday impossible to resist, you’re not alone. A getaway is an excellent way to ensure your lifestyle remains exciting and doesn’t become stale. However, the Coronavirus outbreak means that the entire world has been on lockdown since the beginning of March.

Thankfully, things are changing to the point where holidays are no longer pipe dreams. From an international jet-setting break to a staycation, there are several options on the table. But, you must be savvy when you book, or else you run the risk of losing money if there is a cancellation. Remember – most insurance policies don’t cover Covid-19 any longer.

A last-minute deal is an ideal option because it means you’ll have the most up-to-date information before heading to the checkout. Unfortunately, you don’t know where to find them or how to spot brilliant deals. Don’t worry because this post has got you covered.

Don’t Just Use Comparison Sites

The likes of Uswitch and Money Supermarket have made finding a holiday easier than ever. All you need to do is type in your details, and the site will bring up hundreds of potential offerings. It’s little wonder why these platforms are very popular among travellers and holiday-goers, yet sticking to the same script isn’t always helpful.

Yes, you might find something amazing and snap it up straight away. On the other hand, the narrowness of your search could mean you miss out on a special getaway. Plus, the more research you do, the bigger the savings. With this in mind, it’s useful to try online vouchers and discount codes.

Net Voucher Codes has a whole section dedicated to holiday deals, so you’re spoilt for choice. And, the variation in offers is broad, too, which means you can pick between staycations, cruises, and package deals.

Have cash to splash? It may sound crazy but have you ever considered a fractional jet? This means having part ownership of a private jet. Imagine the convenience of chartering your own jet for a fraction of the cost of owning one outright, and not being bound by commercial airline restrictions.

Be Flexible

Usually, flexibility is what ensures the biggest savings. However, you have a date in mind, so it’s not as if you can be flexible with the season. After all, there is only a short window with Covid, meaning you need to act quickly and decisively. The trick is to focus on other areas where you can cut costs.

For instance, flying earlier in the day could help you save a bundle on flights. This is because airport rules make early-morning flights less desirable, and the lack of demand results in a price drop. Sure, you’ll have to get to the airport at silly o’clock, yet one day or pain is worth six of joy! Business Insider highlights why you should only book these flights.

Another option is not to get stuck in a rut with your destination. You might go to the same place every year, but this year is different, so it’s time for a change. A holiday is better than no holiday.

Sign Up For Alerts

Signing up for alerts is the epitome of snagging a last-minute deal. Why? It’s because the thought of going abroad isn’t on your to-do list until an email notification piques your interest. Suddenly, you spot a deal that expires in a matter of hours, and you make a quick-fire decision. That’s how it works, people.

You need to sign up for alerts and notifications to make this tactic work, which is pretty simple. Whether it’s TUI, Ryanair, or Jet 2, there are plenty of airlines that will gladly forward their best deals. Or, if you don’t trust them, you can opt for a reliable third-party.

Middlemen don’t sound trustworthy, yet Skyscanner has built a reputation for sourcing the cheapest flights and accommodation. How many alerts you sign up for is a personal choice.

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Consider A Package

Packages have fallen in popularity in recent years. DIY trips have taken over as they provide more flexibility, something which often leads to price cuts. But, a package is perfect for last-minute travellers who aren’t prepared or organised. This is because everything is taken care of for you.

As a result, it’s even easier to proceed to the checkout and pay for your trip. Plus, ABTA points out that the legislation gives you extra protection should anything go wrong since you only need one part of the deal to cancel. Airlines are staying strong, yet hotels and guesthouses must close under the law, allowing you to apply for a full refund.

As always, it’s imperative to compare a package against a DIY option just to make sure there isn’t a price discrepancy.

Hopefully, finding a last-minute deal should be a piece of cake with these hacks. All that’s left is to pull the trigger and enjoy the holiday you’ve spent months waiting for!

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