How To Save Money On Your Regular Car Expenses

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Love driving? Many of us do, mainly thanks to the freedom our cars give us to get from A to B, and anywhere in between. However, despite the freedom we are afforded, there are all the usual driving expenses that can scupper our driving pleasure. From fuel costs to maintenance, our bank accounts take more than a few hits on our financial journey. Thanks to the four-wheeled beauty sat on our driveway; we often have to make sacrifices to the rest of our lives, from home improvements to family holidays, in a bid to stay on the road.


Are you relating to what we are saying thus far?


Fear not, while driving is expensive, there are ways to reduce your regular car expenses.


Save money on fuel


Our first piece of advice is this: shop around! You do it for everything else in your life (probably), so use the comparison tools at, or do a quick Google search of the fuel stations in your area.


Then practice sensible driving. The AA reckons you can save up to 25% in fuel if you lower your speeds on the road, so curb your James Bond tendencies and always follow the speed limit when you’re out and about.


And ensure your tyres are pumped up and well-maintained. Check the tyre pressure guide in your manual, and inflate them before heading out in your car. The RAC state you can improve your fuel consumption by around 2% so you will make a small saving.


Save money on car maintenance


For starters, make sure you get your car serviced every year. Yes, there will be an expense, especially if faults are found, but by dealing with any issues early, you will save yourself a fortune in breakdown and repair costs should any problems get worse.


Then use reputable garages. While we would hesitate to cast judgement on anybody, there are cowboys out there who will take you for a ride if you know little about cars. Look online for trusted reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations before choosing your garage.


And don’t be tempted to buy cheaper car parts or any accessory that isn’t right for your model of car. Cheaper imitations might look and sound the part, but if they fail you down the line, you will be faced with further expenses. As this website selling Aston Martin parts & accessories explains, “if you stick with genuine parts, you will know your vehicle has been maintained to the highest standards.” And you can’t say fairer than that, especially when it comes to your peace of mind and long-term savings.


Save money on your car insurance


Firstly, do a price comparison search of insurance providers when your renewal is almost up. As with any of your regular expenses, why pay more when you could be paying less for exactly the same service?


Secondly, consider taking an advanced driving course. Many insurers offer a discount to anybody who has proved their driving credentials, so despite the expense of extra driving lessons, you might well lower your premium. Not only that but by becoming a better driver, you are less likely to lose your no-claims bonus as you will be better equipped to avoid road accidents. Contact your insurance provider for more details.


Finally, think carefully about the extra cover you normally pay more for. The more extras you have on your policy, including window and legal cover, the more you will pay each month. Of course, you might not want to cancel them just in case you need them, but to lower your premium, you do have the option to go no-frills if you want to make immediate savings.


We hope these tips were useful to you, but let us know your suggestions for other money saving tips too.


Thanks for reading, and happy (cheaper) driving!

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