Is It Ever Acceptable to Splurge?

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Last Updated on June 4, 2020 by Melissa S.


For anyone who wants to take better care of their finances, the idea of splurging money is almost sacrilege. It goes against everything personal finance gurus have told them, and it makes them feel like they are burning all of their hard-earned cash or flushing their savings down the drain. 


With that in mind, is it ever acceptable to splurge? There must come the point in your personal finance journey where you can feel comfortable spending a little here and a lot there. But when is this appropriate? 


When You Need Specialist Care


Specialist care comes in a range of shapes and sizes. It could be something medical; it could be professional; it could be personal. Regardless of what it is, you can often justify ignoring your budget to make this care possible. 


You may need to seek private medical treatment to accelerate procedures that could otherwise take months to occur if you remained using the NHS. Likewise, Zo Skin Health have an array of skin enhancers that can improve the quality of your skin that you cannot find in regular pharmacies or stores. You may feel like you are doing your finances a disservice, but for essential care that will improve your happiness and quality of life, then it is more than acceptable. 


When The Value Cannot Be Missed


Discount shops and supermarkets, such as Primark or Aldi, are total winners when it comes to making the most of the value on offer. Anyone who has stepped foot inside and gone over-the-top has also come out in awe of how much they have relative to the savings. 


When you compare this to other shops and supermarkets, this is value for money that simply cannot be beaten. You may spend a lot in one trip, but if you were to do the same shop somewhere else, you could be looking at spending more than double the overall amount. If you keep this in mind, you can justify splurging on these essentials more easily. 


When It Will Be Something Memorable


You can’t spend every single day of your life cooped up indoors counting your money and planning out which bills to pay when. You need to have an experience that is memorable and exciting if you are to continue feeling like a real person. 


Doing something memorable is the final time where it is ‘acceptable’ to splurge, especially if you haven’t treated yourself to a trip or holiday in a long time. While it may seem like a massive investment at first, the memories you will make with friends, family, and even strangers is something you cannot put a price on. 


Splurge, But Only When You Can


You’ve worked so hard for so long to put yourself in a comfortable financial position. Now, you’re able to live life the way you want to, without stressing about making mortgage payments or carrying out appliance repairs. It is acceptable to splurge, but only in some instances, and as long as you don’t make a habit of it, you’re free to reward yourself for all of your hard work. 

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