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Oh dear, it’s that time of year again! And if you’re still paying off last year’s credit card bills, finding ways to magic money out of the sky appears to be our only option, but seeing as the vast majority of us mere mortals don’t have magical powers, we’ve got to find ways to get a bit more money on the side. Predominantly, side hustles are a very popular approach, but to do this effectively can take time, not to mention considerable efforts to build an effective one from the ground up. Are there any ways for us to earn some quick money on the side?


Become An Amazon Seller

While so many people are going down this route, setting up an online marketplace through Amazon, if you have some form of business acumen, you may be able to hit the ground running. For most people who set up an online marketplace, do it all themselves, but with places like Amazon doing the legwork for you, you can sell a product, get it manufactured, and distribute it, without needing to physically do any of this.


Harness The Power Of Freelance Resources

If you have a niche skill, you could set up a freelance account by joining one of the many sites like Upwork or Freelancer, and complete tasks on the side. This is great if you are stuck at home, but also, there are companies like Appen that exclusively hire people to work at home, completing various administrative tasks. Depending on the job, it can be somewhat tedious, for example, transcribing voice commands, but with a lot of these roles, there’s no minimum or maximum amount of hours. The more you do, the more you get paid, which is a godsend in the run up to the holiday season.


Don’t Forget…

Are you one of those people who get vouchers through the letterbox but does nothing with them? When you’re trying to get some money together to buy gifts for the holiday season, you may have so many discounts that can add up to a major saving. And remember, some store credit cards have instant approval, meaning you can build up your store credit, which can be used on surplus presents if you run out of money.


Everybody seems to have their own opinion on how to build up money on the side, but while there’s an abundance of options out there, what really matters is your ability to do it in your own time. It’s not easy to build up a massive chunk of money, especially when life is so busy, and while there are so many eBay entrepreneurs out there, or people that sell items through websites like Etsy, to really build up a sizeable amount of money on the side take some time. And while sites like Appen are a godsend because you can do work in your own time, in order to see the financial fruits of your labours, you’ve really got to put in the hours. This is the one thing we all need to take away when building up any sort of side hustle or way to gain an extra income.

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