My January 2019 goals overview

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My January 2019 Goals Overview

Better late than never! After posting my overall 2019 aims this post is a bit later than normal. I have had a fantastically long Christmas break as I’m not back at school until Tuesday, so now the chaos of Christmas and New Year is over I’ve had a bit of time to get my goals in order.


  1. Make £300+ in side hustles this month – £367.32 so far!

I have already achieved this thanks to my one off payment from 20Cogs! If you’ve never heard of 20Cogs you can find out more about it here. (post coming soon). However even without this I’m still at £164.32 which is great for 5 days in!

Here’s my breakdown so far:

20Cogs 1 off payment – £203

Virtual Assistant – £75.00 fixed fee

Ebay – £12.00

Matched betting: £77.32

  1. Pay off my car

This is another one that will be actually effortless but a big achievement. My final £199 payment of a 60 month plan is due out this month with an extra £160 purchase fee. Luckily I remembered a few months ago that there was an additional payment on the final amount, so my 20Cogs money has been really well timed as I have now put it aside for this. I can’t wait to be £200 better off from next month! (Although it is all going onto my credit card going forward.)


  1. List 50 items on eBay


I’ve enjoyed a few post Christmas sales but I have a lot to still list. A lot of my time has been going on my blog and matched betting so it would be good to find some eBay time in my schedule. Speaking of which…


  1. Devise a rough schedule for everything

I find (surprise surprise) that I can stick to a plan much more easily if I have a schedule for what I’m supposed to be doing. I work 3 days a week and the rest of the time I’m at home with my 3 year old daughter, so it is the evenings and partially the weekend when I get time to work on my side hustles which are: Virtual Assistant work, Blogging, Ebay and Matched Betting. I am also an avid follower of The Organised Mum method, adapting it to fit in with my life but it has definitely slipped over Christmas!

At the moment I am understandably finding it hard to fit everything in. But it is clear to see how hard work pays off – I made a conscious effort yesterday with Matched Betting and made over £50 just on this one day. My plan is to use my Bullet Journal to schedule everything into some sort of workable weekly plan. Being an ex-primary school teacher I am used to a heavy evening workload, except doing free spins and writing blog posts on my own terms is a lot more enjoyable than a pile of marking!


  1. Me time!


I have condensed the last 3 into one goal as they are all about giving myself a bit of time back which I know a lot of us struggle with!

Read 1 book – one of my 2019 goals is to read 12 books over the year so I need to stick to one per month minimum.

Listen to a podcast – I am going to do this in the car to make better use of commuting times.

1 walk a week – As I covered in my yearly goals I have a consistent exercise schedule but I need to get outside for a bit of fresh air more especially at this time of year.

What are your goals for January? Have you already faltered with your New Years Resolutions? Why don’t you sign up for my completely free #Supercharge2019 course and look at how you can achieve your goals this year!

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