My Autumn Bucket List

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Now October has firmly arrived, Autumn is in full swing and it’s time to look forward to cosy nights on the sofa and wrapping up warm. Inspired by other bloggers who have shared theirs, here’s my Autumn Bucket List.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch

This shouldn’t be too difficult given that we live on a farm and have our own! Last year it was right outside our house but due to crop rotation this isn’t the case this year and I have no idea where it is! We are lucky that we get a pumpkin for free and as usual I will be looking forward to carving it. My daughter is getting to the age where she can finally appreciate what is going on a bit more!

pumpkin patch
Best buddies in the pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch 1
This photo will no doubt make a reappearnce at an 18th birthday party!
  1. 2. Halloween fun

Linked to what I’ve said above, it will be nice to do some Halloween crafts and activities this year. I managed to find a lot of Halloween decorations in a Poundland sale where things were reduced to between 25p and 5p each so I will look forward to digging these out and seeing what we’ve got. I may also take her to a Halloween themed day out and will be checking KidsPassGroupon and other websites for offers.





  1. Bonfire Night

    Fun on the farm on bonfire night

Again we are lucky that on the farm we have our own bonfire and fireworks organised by relatives so we don’t have to go too far for the festivities! There is always a hot buffet of chilli, hotpot and bonfire toffee to look forward to as well.






4. Blackpool Illuminations

Livingng about 40 mins drive from Blackpool means that we have made this a tradition even before we had our daughter but we have taken her every year so far! We usually park up rather than driving through, taking a big bag of coppers for the arcades before having fish and chips and walking along the prom to enjoy the lights. I will be looking forward to doing this again this month!

  1. Hen party and wedding

I can’t believe after most of my friends got married 10+ years ago that we have had 3 weddings and hen/stag dos this year! They have been a rare treat in the past few years but I think 3 in a year is my record! There has been a lot of expense attached to these but we have managed to budget for them without putting anything on credit. I’m looking forward to a spa day in Liverpool for this hen as well as an overnight stay, dance lesson and 2 evenings out! The best part is most of it I have already paid for so I don’t need to worry about finding a big pot of cash last minute.

  1. Half term

I am lucky to get all the school holidays in my job, and I can’t believe October half term is only 2 more weeks away! I will look forward to having a couple of days to chill out while my daughter is at nursery and the rest of the week we will enjoy our time together and do some Halloween activities.

  1. Hot chocolate

I have a confession to make – I’m just not a fan of pumpkin spiced latte, or any other flavoured lattes! Even though I have quite a sweet tooth for the likes of cakes, chocolate and biscuits, I just find the flavoured latte syrups way too sweet and they always make me feel a bit ill and headachey afterwards! My usual coffee shop drink of choice is a flat white but I am looking forward to having a hot chocolate with whipped cream the next time I go for a coffee!

Do you have any bucket list ideas for Autumn? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s Sarah from Sarah-Beth Blogs Autumn Bucket List

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