My Christmas Shopping 2017

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My Christmas Shopping 2017

Ok, I’m a little bit late to the party with this as I set up this blog in a lightbulb moment in mid December. But I had actually started and completed 95% of my Christmas shopping over the Black Friday weekend. Before Christmas Day becomes a distant memory and I can barely remember what I received yourself let alone what you got other people, I thought it might be useful to write about the savings I made. Most of the offers and items may have gone by the time you read this, but it might prove useful thinking ahead to next year and the offers certain stores may have on again – or give you some general gift ideas (men are a bugger to buy for after all).

My general rules were: if I didn’t have a specific request for a person, choose shops that had offers on and find gifts to suit where possible. This worked out well in Debenhams and New Look as both had 30% off all stock in store for the Black Friday weekend. I also am a big fan of Boots 3 for 2 and their Advantage card points and offers so managed to pick up some savings here.

Where something specific had been requested, I checked online for the best price plus checked for cashback to get the best possible price overall.


Gifts for Women

  1. Pyjamas – hardly an original idea but this was a specific request but could be from anywhere so I maximised my discount by getting 30% off in store in New Look.
  2. Cosy Socks – This was a little something to go along with the Pyjamas. Again I got 30% off in store at Debenhams.
  3. Soap & Glory sets – One is actually missing from the photo as it had already been given out as a birthday gift! I bought 2 x £20 sets so got the £18 set for free, plus Advantage card points.
  4. Kate Loxton Scarf – No discounts or offers on this one (shock horror!) but for £19.99 I thought this was very reasonably priced. I also loved the £16.99 clutch bags but didn’t discover them until finishing my shopping – shame!

Gifts for Men / Unisex

  1. Sipsmith Gin (35cl) – I wanted a decent bottle of gin for a friend but wanted to get something else to go along with it which meant my budget was only around £15. I checked the price of this in several shops and Asda were the cheapest at £14.59
  2. Fred Good Measure Gin Glass – £10 John Lewis – no offers on this but it was the only stockist I could find to go along with the gin. A reasonable price for a gift.
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire 7 -£30 reduced from £50. Several retailers matched Amazon’s Black Friday price cut, I chose to purchase at Very to earn cashback at Quidco.
  4. Debenhams Extreme Chilli Sauce – £8.00 with 30% off at Debenhams
  5. Grow your own chilli kit – £10 with 30% off at Debenhams


Children – The children I buy for are all under 5

  1. Hot Wheels stunt track set – this was a specific request that was £20 almost everywhere. Managed to find it for £18.50 in Very, plus cashback – every little helps!
  2. Playdoh Art & Activity Easel – £20 reduced to £10 plus 30% off at Debenhams! This was a great best saving.
  3. Peppa Pig Deluxe Playhouse – £20.00 in Home Bargains – £29.99 in several other retailers.
  4. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Playtime Playset £23.99 in Home Bargains – £29.29 on Amazon
  5. Minnie Mouse Cash register – £19.99 in Home Bargains – £29.99 in several other retailers.

So as you can see most of these items had some sort of discount attached to them – Home Bargains was definitely a winner for the children’s toys!

Where did you make savings this Christmas? I would love to find out! Leave me a note in the comments.

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