My December goals roundup 2018

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December goals round-up

December, and 2018 are almost over! I have achieved so much this year and will also be reviewing the aims I made at the start of 2018 when blogging, side hustling and saving money were all very new to me. But first I’m reviewing my goals for December. Here’s my December goals roundup for 2018.

  1. Make £300 in side hustles – TOTAL: £320.50

I’m really pleased I exceeded my goals despite a busy month and a few days off! Here’s the breakdown:

 Virtual Assistant work  – £50. This is going to rise to £75 in the new year which I am really pleased about. I  manage the social media for a friend’s business but their website has just relaunched so I’ve been busier than usual launching a competition and linking photoshoot images.

Ebay – £117.50

I am pleased with this total as I haven’t listed much new and ALL of this was my own stuff rather than items bought to resell so there is a high profit margin and well as a decluttering bonus.

Matched Betting – £113.00

It’s not a huge amount but I have taken a bit of a break from Matched Betting with Christmas so this has all been from free spins. I find them so easy to do so even when I don’t have the time or energy for laying bets I seek out the free spin offers. Many casinos and bingo sites have had Christmas daily spin the wheel promotions so I have been checking a few of these every day. One example was winning £1.44 from a single free spin which I then chose to gamble. This turned into £21.55 on a single 25p spin – I then withdrew the lot!

Blog – £35

Vypr cash out – £5 – I’m still slow to get the steers on Vypr but managed to cash out this month.

  1. Pre Christmas toy declutter – DONE

This was completed earlier in the month obviously and luckily we don’t seem to be too swamped with new toys, result!

  1. Don’t each too much junk! – Hmmm still 5/10!!

I’ve definitely had a few days of indulgence but I’m ready to get back to normal food wise. There’s only so much chocolate you can eat in the morning!

  1. Blogging goals: Complete Branding course Beta – Still In Progress

Despite my best intentions, with Christmas I have not made any further progress with this but I will definitely get it completed in the New Year.


Starting to set goals has been so helpful in keeping myself accountable and it is something I definitely intend to carry on into January – It is much more useful than resolutions that are quickly forgotten and not thought about again for months.


Did you set any goals for December? What are your aims for 2019? Let me know in the comments!



I’m taking part in the monthly goals (and updates!) linky with Charlotte over at

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