My October Goals Update 2018

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Wow, we are halfway through the month already so I thought I would do an October goals update! I’m really happy to write this as for once things are going well, especially with the all important money making! Below you will find my original October goals and how I’m doing

  1. Make £300 extra in side hustles – £281 so far!

I am thrilled that I’m almost at my target after just over 2 weeks! When I do my goal review at the end of the month I will break this down in detail but very briefly this comprises of:

Matched Betting : Approx £135

Ebay selling: £30

Virtual Assistant work for a friend’s business: £50 set fee

Blog earnings: £40

Surveys: £26


  1. Consistently use the survey sites that pay well

Well after earning £26 so far you can see this is a partial success. I still haven’t got in the habit of checking Prolific Academic regularly as I tend to do most of the surveys on my phone. I will break down my earnings as follows:

Populus Live £3

Vypr – £5

Street Bees – £18 – This was a new app I tried after seeing someone post about it on Instagram. They have £1 paid tasks of which I have done 3, and unpaid tasks that can sometimes lead to bigger paid tasks. I earnt £5 for recording a short sleep log questionairre before and after waking up (so I had to set a reminder!) and then £10 for recording 2 x 2 min videos answering questions about my sleep habits. If you fancy signing up on the link above, you can enter my referral code 7882M5.

I have also been completing YouGov surveys daily. I don’t get offered a paid one every day but you can build up and cash out at £50 and it only takes a couple of minutes. The best thing is you don’t get screened out of these. If you fancy signing up, here’s my referral code

What other survey apps should I be doing? Let me know in the comments!

  1. #FreebiesForChristmas challenge

I really wanted to try and get my hands on some freebies but I haven’t persued this yet. To be honest, I’ve done so well with making extra money that I haven’t devoted any time to this so I can’t really expect results. Building something into a daily or weekly routine is definitely key to achieving!

  1. List ANOTHER 50 items on EBay – 10 so far

I have had a few small sales on Ebay this month so I need to expand on this and get a few more items listed. After a declutter of the loft I literally have items to sell for complete profit so I need to get them listed!

  1. Begin to make a Christmas present list and research prices

I have got some ideas in mind for a few people! Luckily my blog is not out there with friends and family yet or I would worry they would see my ideas (or the discounts I plan to use – haha!). As I have said in the previous October goals post, most of my daughter’s presents have been bought on special offers throughout the year but there are still a couple of things that the budget will allow for. She has requested some Sylvanian families sets which were only £8.99 in the shop we saw them in.

For female friends and relatives I am thinking Joules or Cath Kidston accessories. We live close to a shopping outlet mall that has both these brands at outlet discount. There is also a Joules outlet on Ebay where you can get double discounts if you time it right with eBay promotions!

TOP TIP: On my phone I have made a separate photo album for Christmas ideas – photos of gift ideas from shops or screenshots of websites can then all be located easily!

Here’s what I bought for friends and family last year

  1. Blogging Goals

Hmmm, I think I should have been more specific with numbers in order to make this an achievable goal. It is hard to measure and also get motivated to smash the goal without having clear figures. I am pleased my Domain Authority is steadily rising but most of my spare time has been dedicated to making money.

One thing I am quickly learning (despite it being stating the obvious!) is that if you make something part of your daily routine, work hard at it and put the effort in, you are going to achieve it. I am really pleased with my side hustles this month so far, but clearly my blog needs more than just going through the motions. My next October goals update will be at the end of the month, I’m hoping to tick off a few more goals by then!

What are your October goals? Let me know in the comments!

I’m taking part in the Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at and Emma at

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