My September goals update 2018

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Last Updated on September 19, 2018 by Admin

We are over halfway through the month already and I thought it was time to give a September goals update. However I debated whether there was much point as I don’t seem to have achieved very much at all! Agh! I decided that an update would still be useful to show how real life gets in the way sometimes and the positives I can pull out of it.

  1. Make £300 extra in side hustles – £58 so far

My eBay sales seem to have ground to a halt despite having over 30 active listings and I haven’t had any time for Matched Betting – but I have had a very hectic September so far! As well as being back at work after the school holidays 3 days a week, I have had 3 out of the last 4 weekends away for a hen party, wedding and then a long family weekend in Cornwall. In between all this I feel like I have barely had time to do anything – as well as all the extra spending money required.

There are a couple of silver linings though – thanks to my everyday emergency fund I had enough money to cover all this expense. In the past, when faced with costs I couldn’t avoid I would just shrug and stick it all on my credit card. I am pleased to have stopped using my card altogether since January which is obviously making paying it off much easier.

On top of this my childcare voucher payment has reduced from £70 to £15 a month. (My husband still pays the maximum £243 and I make up the difference). As our daughter only attends nursery 2 days a week we weren’t eligible for the 30 hours funded childcare, just the 15, however the nursery contacted us last month to say we could now claim and stretch the funded hours over a greater period of the day than previously. (I’m not sure if this is down to a change of policy or something else but I wasn’t going to argue!)

This has meant that our overall monthly fees for 2 days a week have reduced from:

£433 (full price before turning 3 years old;)

£303 (15 free hours April 2018 – August 2018 – she turned 3 in March 2018)

£255 (15 free hours September 2018 to August 2019) – the fee reduces because there are more free hours to claim over the year rather than just the summer term of April-August)

And finally to £188 – 30 free hours from September 2018 to August 2019.

Even though fees and hours vary I include them in case they are useful for anyone in comparison. But to cut to the nitty gritty this means an extra £30 or so back in my wages from this month, and around £100 extra overall since the free hours kicked in. You can read more about the 30 hours funded childcare here.

I also received a payrise this month which I have calculated to be another £30ish a month  in my pocket, so all in all I could be around £60 a month better off every month from now – I will find out on payday!

  1. Develop and stick to an evening routine

As stated above I have been so busy this hasn’t really happened yet! I’m hoping to get a bit more stuck in this week now normality has resumed in my life!

  1. Add swimming to my weekly fitness routine

I went swimming on holiday but other than that I haven’t managed to get it into my weekly routine. I would really like to find a slot that will work for this.

  1. List 50 items on EBay

As I mentioned above, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to my side hustles so I’m hoping to crack on with this for the remainder of the month. A lot of the reselling community on Instagram seem to find that 50 active listings is the magic number to get frequent sales so I need to get cracking on this.

  1. Blogging Goals

Finally something I am on track with! My first was to reach 1000 followers on Instagram. Considering I haven’t been posting as much due to being so busy I am pleased my followers have risen from 776 to 866 in 2 weeks. Now I am close to 900 I am planning on promoting a 1k giveaway to spur me on to 1000 and choose a winner when I hit that number. I’m looking forward to buying a few bits for the prize this week!

My second blogging goal was to consistently post twice a week – I have managed to keep this up apart from only posting once last week. Even though I had a post to schedule while I was away I wasn’t happy with it, so I decided to leave it rather than post something just to hit a target. Although I did also write this guest post for the Fiscal Freelance last week so I can count that too!

Considering I sat down to write this post thinking I have nothing to say as I have barely achieved anything, 800 words later here I am! Hopefully I will have made a bit more headway in 2 weeks time.

How are you doing with your goals? Let me know in the comments. I’m taking part in the Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at and Emma at

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  1. I’ve not managed to sort an evening routine out for myself yet, wondering if starting with the morning routine might be easier and then the night routine might just fall into place…could be wishful thinking!

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