My November Goals overview

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Last Updated on September 26, 2020 by Admin

It’s the start of another month and after a successful October I am raring to go with my November goals!

  1. Make £300 in side hustles

After smashing this goal in October, I am confident I can achieve it again in my November goals. I still have quite a few listings on eBay and more stuff to list, as well as Matched Betting which was my biggest source of extra income in October. The key is to definitely be consistent and do something to make money every day wherever possible. £300 is the equivalent of £10 a day so this could easily be done with time and effort.

  1. Get my head around more complex matched betting

Now I’ve definitely got my head around the straightforward matched betting offers and reloads, I am going to try and look into accumulators and horse racing refunds. They are both a bit more complicated and I haven’t had the confidence to try them out yet, but I know they are a key source of income for long term matched bettors. Because I am a member of Profit Accumulator, everything is explained in clear terms with video tutorials and written instructions.

  1. Complete my Christmas Shopping

Later this month I will be posting my Christmas Gift guide and also my Christmas Shopping strategy – but in a nutshell my rule is don’t buy anything unless it’s on special offer (or in danger of selling out) before Black Friday, then do the whole lot in the one weekend. This is something I’ve done for the past few years so I am confident I will achieve this goal right at the end of the month!

Here’s what I bought friends and family last year

  1. House mini de-clutter

The house is generally fine but there are some areas I would really like to have a sort through before Christmas. As well as creating space, every time I think I have nothing left of value to sell on Ebay something pops up to surprise me! My latest was a VHS ex rental copy of Big Trouble in Little China that sold on eBay for £22 last month so it just goes to show you never know what you have of value!

I also have a few unfinished jobs such as creating a picture wall in the hall. The frames are all piled up in the spare room waiting for pictures and have been since August!

  1. Blogging goals – Pinterest

Last month my blogging goals weren’t really specific enough to be measured so I thought I would go for a sharper focus on one area. I know I need to use Pinterest regularly to build my blog but even with trialling Tailwind it hasn’t become a habit yet. Currently, I have 2.9k monthly viewers which is down from 4.8k in September, which shows that if you don’t put the effort in, your numbers start to drop! I will be happy with any increase I can make on my monthly views.

If you have any November goals, let me know in the comments!

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  1. I just joined up for Tailwind (had free trial for a few months) and am yet to get my head around it! Good luck with your side hustles this month

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