My November Goals Roundup

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My November Goals Round Up

We are at the end of November already! How did that happen?! At the 11th hour (literally, it’s 10.44pm on Nov 30th) I am just getting around to writing my November Goals roundup. I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog the last couple of weeks due to a wedding, Christmas shopping and some other major stuff in my personal life so I’ve needed a few evenings of R&R. I think this has affected some of the outcomes of my goals but I am still pleased with the results, as follows:


  1. Make £300 in side hustles – £306 in total

I’m really pleased I managed to achieve my goal yet again especially as the last 2 weeks have been very busy and I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to side hustling, particularly matched betting. The amount breaks down as follows:

Virtual Assistant work – £50

Ebay sales – £44. I am pleased with this as I haven’t done much new listing so it was good to shift a few existing items. They included a couple of vinyl records, DVDs, makeup and a VHS video tape. All my own junk lying around!

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Matched Betting – £170. Not a huge amount but as I have been quite busy in my personal life I am pleased with this. I have been doing a lot of casino offers while completing 20 Cogs and my biggest win was £80 on Gala Bingo. This was a risk free wager as it was cashback offer though 20 Cogs.

Blog – £40.

  1. Get my head around more complex matched betting

I haven’t had much time in the past couple of weeks for matched betting, but I have been working my way through the casino offers in order to complete 20 Cogs, so I put Horse Racing refunds on the back burner for now. This will definitely be something I will continue to work on.

  1. Complete my Christmas Shopping – 99% complete!

Although I wasn’t overly impressed with this year’s Black Friday offers compared to last, my shopping is almost done and dusted. All I still need are a few tins of biscuits and children’s stocking fillers from Home Bargains. Look out for my Christmas Shopping blog post next week where I will break down what I’ve bought and how much I saved overall.

  1. House mini de-clutter – complete!

I have done better than I expected with this and lots of items have been donated to the charity shop or put aside for reselling. Is there a better feeling than emptying your car boot of the donations when you finally get round to it after driving round with a full boot for weeks?! I reorganised the storage for our towels and bed sheets and managed to get rid of a whole 2 chests of drawers which freed up space in the spare room and my own wardrobe.

  1. Blogging goals – Pinterest

Aghh, for me, Pinterest is like the diet I never get around to starting. I don’t know why I never seem to make time for it but I don’t. However I am working my way through a Branding for Bloggers course as a beta tester so this has been my blogging focus after I set my goal. One day I will have a proper stab at Pinterest!!!


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