My November Goals Update

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Last Updated on September 26, 2020 by Admin

We are officially halfway through the month already which means it’s time for my November goals update! I must say since I started doing these posts it’s helped me keep so much more accountable and focused on working towards them.

  1. Make £300 in side hustles – £256 so far!

As you can see I am well underway to smashing this goal again just as I did in October. The majority of this is from Matched Betting and £50 from my Virtual Assistant set fee, but there are a couple of eBay sales, and survey earnings in there too. As usual I will do a full breakdown of my November earnings at the end of the month. I am also working my way through 20Cogs which is a website where you can earn cash by signing up to services and casino sites. I have not counted any of my earnings so far in this until I have completed it as you cannot get a payout until it is done.

I plan to do my own write up on 20Cogs when completed, but if you wish to know more, I found this post from Money Savvy Daddy really helpful to get started with it.

  1. Get my head around more complex matched betting

I have not started on accumulators or horse racing refunds yet mainly because I am working through casino and bingo offers. Some of these are generally more high risk as they require wagering but I am combining this with earning sign up rewards with 20Cogs (see above). The 20 Cogs sign ups are always a higher payout than the wagering, usually £5 more so as long as I complete all 20 Cogs these offers are risk free. I still aim to have a go at horse racing refunds this month.

Want to learn more about Matched Betting? Read my beginners’ guide here.

  1. Complete my Christmas Shopping

As I stated in my Black Friday post, I don’t start my Christmas shopping until then unless I see any amazing bargains along the way. Although most of my 3 year old’s presents have been bought throughout the year on special offers. I am well under way in compiling ideas for everyone else so I’m sure I will be on track to achieve this by the end of the month!

  1. House mini de-clutter

I have really done well with this without too much effort! I have reorganised some kitchen cupboards and bagged up items to donate or sell on eBay. See my post about seeing “rubbish” here!  I have also reorganised my wardrobe / workspace and managed to get rid of 2 very old 5 drawer chests that were getting disorganised and falling apart. One was replaced with a newer chest of drawers from the spare room (which is now much more spacious) and the other was replaced with a 4 box Ikea Kallax for eBay stock. I am very lucky to have such a big wardrobe space but as we designed the extension on our house this was one of my pre requisites!

  1. Blogging goals – Pinterest

Yet again I am nowhere near achieving this! At the moment I am focusing on working through a branding course as a beta tester. There are time restraints on this so it is now my blogging priority for the month. I am hoping to try and get a bit of time invested in Pinterest too.

How are you doing with your November goals so far? Let me know in the comments!

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