My October Goals Round Up 2018 – How I made £377

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I can’t believe October is at an end and it’s time to do my October goals roundup already! Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my money making updates and I am really thrilled with the results! Which brings me on nicely to goal number 1:

  1. Make £300 extra in side hustles – £377 made in total

I am thrilled with this amount! I thought it would be useful to give you a full breakdown as follows:

eBay: £75 – This was mainly decluttering existing items.

Surveys: £26 – I will break this down in goal 2 below.

Blog – £40

Virtual Assistant work: £50

Matched Betting: £190. There was a fantastic offer on this month at Mecca Bingo where you could stake £10 daily and claim it back the following day if you didn’t win. This ran for the majority of October and I hit a couple of wins to come away with over £90 from this one offer alone.

2.Consistently use the survey sites that pay well

I have definitely improved this, the proof being in £26 of earnings for very little work. The majority of this was from an app called Streetbees that I hadn’t even mentioned at the start of the month. The paid tasks included two short written surveys for £1 each, uploading photos and shopping receipts for £2, a sleep log with multiple entries for £5 and a short video diary for £10. The frequency of being offered paid tasks varies and spots fill up fast, so you need to check daily. All in all I made £21 in October from this app so not bad.

Prolific Academic I have failed in checking this one regularly, I think it’s because you need to be on a laptop as opposed to the others which I check on my phone in spare minutes throughout the day. In my defence I have spent the laptop time in the evenings matched betting which has proved to be far more lucrative.

YouGov  – I have been disappointed not to be offered a “paid” survey every day with this one – I guess you get selected on your demographic and it’s better than being screened out I suppose. After the first initial few I have only been offered a couple a week so I will complete them but I have lost motivation – I’m unlikely to be able to cash out my £50 for Christmas but it will all add up eventually.

Vypr – I managed to cash out my third lot of 10,000 points for £5 this month. I am about a quarter of the way through again so it is slow progress but very easy!

What other survey apps should I be doing? Let me know in the comments!

3. Freebies For Christmas challenge

Nope…this hasn’t happened. Most of my free time has been spent managing my blog, matched betting or eBay selling –  and as I’m happy with the results I can’t really complain!

4. List ANOTHER 50 items on EBay

I think I fell short of the mark in listing 50 items but I have listed a fair few and it seems to be getting my sales shifting again. I follow a lot of blogging and matched betting related accounts and groups on social media and have just recently started doing the same for eBay sellers.– I think seeing others’ success and sharing tips is the motivation I need for reselling!

5. Begin to make a Christmas present list and research prices

I have got quite organised for Christmas this year and managed to get quite a few things already for my daughter taking advantage of special offers. I hope to continue this into November as Black Friday weekend is when I start and complete my Christmas shopping for everyone else!

Here’s what I bought for friends and family last year

6. Blogging Goals

I have seen a steady increase in my blog traffic this month and my D.A. has increased from 9 to 15 in the past 3 months. This is largely down to the mentoring I get from Emma Drew’s #MyBlogMyBuisness course which I would highly recommend for new bloggers.

I still need to keep working on growing my social media channels too and consistently post twice a week.

How have you done with your October goals? Let me know in the comments!

I’m taking part in the Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at and Emma at

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