Saving Money By Doing Your Own Garden Maintenance

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Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by Melissa S.

If you love gardening and enjoying your outdoor living spaces but are on a tight budget, then you ought to consider doing your own garden maintenance. There is plenty of money to be saved by taking control of things yourself, with the bonus of smug satisfaction that you could. Many things fall under garden maintenance, and you may find you still need to enlist help for some areas. Doing those things that you can, though, will still save you money, so it’s worth making a list and getting to work.

Benefit To Weeds

Paying someone to come in and pull-out weeds regularly may mean you can go home and sit in a pristine garden with no thought. However, you’re not only spending a lot of money, but you’re doing your mental health a disservice also. Pulling weeds is a cathartic job that immediately puts you in touch with nature, which is proven to boost mental health. Taking 15 minutes every couple of days will let you keep on top of the weeds, improve your mood and keep money in your pocket.

Pressure Washing

The cost of buying your own pressure washer may seem off-putting at first. But when you consider the cost of hiring one every year and compare the price of pressure washers, you’ll soon see that the outlay is worth it. Especially as petrol pressure washers allow you the flexibility to easily use it in all locations, making them a solid investment. With a bit of care, pressure washing surfaces like patios and driveways yourself yields impressive results while saving a lot of money.


For all but the biggest garden trees, it’s surprisingly easy to care for trees by yourself once you know-how. Information on how and when to prune various trees and bushes is readily available in books and the internet. The equipment needed isn’t much and is often multi-use, meaning the investment won’t leave you out of pocket. Looking after the trees and bushes around your home will keep them in good health, saving money in the long run as they’re less likely to die and need replacing or expensive arborist work.

Save For Big Projects

Finding the money for additional projects can be tricky when things are already tight. By taking on small maintenance jobs about the yard yourself, you can invest the money saved for more significant garden projects. If you have a fence that needs replacing or you’d like to landscape an unused area, this is the perfect savings pot. The extra funds may allow you to hire a professional to undertake the project or use better quality materials. 

There are plenty of ways to save money by undertaking garden maintenance yourself. As long as you’re realistic about what you plan to do and get professionals in for specialist jobs, there is plenty of scope for savings. You’ll also benefit in non-financial ways that you may not have considered previously, giving you additional motivation to reconnect with your yard work.

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