September’s Secondhand finds

September’s Secondhand finds
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September 19’s Secondhand finds

As the end of secondhandseptember has come and gone,  I have enjoyed sharing my finds so much that I have decided to make it a regular monthly feature. Whether I have bought items to resell or keep, I will share them each month and give you all the details.

Until I started compiling this post I had no idea how many skirts I had bought! It’s funny because I’m not really a skirt person – I wear plenty of dresses but I never really seem to look for skirts in the shop unless I have a particular look in my head I have seen somewhere. But when I thought about it, skirts are probably one of the easiest items to buy when secondhand  shopping for yourself. I would always have to try a top or dress on to make sure it suited me, and I don’t trust trousers to fit just on what the label size reads. However skirts seem to fit me just fine even if a dress size bigger or smaller, and depending on the look I’m going for they seem to be easier to pair with my existing wardrobe.

So here’s all the skirts, and some other stuff for September’s secondhand finds!

1.       M&S skirt  -£2.99


The midi length skirt is big news at the moment, and I almost bought a new one for around £18 until it dawned on me to check out the charity shops first. (This was just before SecondhandSeptember started so I wasn’t in charity shop mode then!) I love the colours on this as I know it will look equally good with tights and boots for autumn as it does with bare legs and Toms or trainers. It is in definite danger of looking a bit mumsy when teamed with the wrong items, so a graphic t-shirt, trainers and a denim jacket are my go-to items with this skirt.

2.       Joules skirt £2.99

joules skirt
Joules skirt

I almost didn’t buy this as it’s not the sort of thing I’d normally wear, even though I am a fan of Joules accessories. I soon reasoned that for the price and the brand I could decide to sell on, but it has already had a couple of wears. Again like the first skirt this is something  that could look a bit mumsy on me with the wrong accessories but it looks good with a contrasting striped tshirt and trainers or Toms.

3.       Marian Keyes Novel “The Break” – 50p

Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors and I have read all her books to date. Although with the new releases I tend to wait until they are on offer on my kindle before buying. I don’t mind doing this because I am supporting the author, getting a discount anyway, I can read in the dark (which is a big plus point as I tend to do a lot of reading in bed), and I’m not cluttering up the house with books. I saw it in the charity shop and almost went past it because I assumed it was one I had read, I was so pleased when I realised it was the newest book for 50p!

I am halfway through at  the moment, I have a little reading light which isn’t fantastic but it means I can read in the dark when needed, so for the price I was happy to get a bargain rather than pay more on my kindle.

4.       Monsoon skirt £4.99

Monsoon skirt
This Monsoon skirt was £4.99!

This was another item I almost didn’t pick up. £4.99 is getting on the steep side with my reseller hat on, but the irony is if you are buying for yourself then it’s still an absolute bargain! I like these pleated style skirts and have had the idea of one on my mental shopping list for a while now. I think it will look great with a plain black top and black heels for Christmas parties. In the past I have paid around £100 for party dresses from Monsoon, and similar skirts are still on their website for £50 so I’m really pleased with this.

5.       French Connection Skirt £2.99

French connection skirt
French Connection skirt, £2.99

Another bargain, another skirt!

I do like this one and it fits me, but I bought it to resell as I simply don’t need another party skirt and it would be difficult to pair it with anything I already own. With Q4 and the Christmas party season approaching, I’m hoping to get a decent return on this, but we shall see.

As we head into October, I am going to most definitely keep up the secondhand September pledge. I can’t promise to never buy new again, I am a total convert when it comes to secondhand shopping for myself!

September’s secondhand eBay flips



Powerpuff girls Daisy Street x Asos Tshirt – 99p sold for £9 plus postage
Ping Windstopper Golf Top £1.99 into £8.99

Disaster Designs Handbag paid £3,99, sold for £12.00. (sadly can’t find a picture of this!)

Total profit after fees: £18.95

You can read more about my eBay sales here.





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