My September Goals

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Why September is a great month to set new goals

Ah, September is here already. For many of you, the kids will be going back to school, or if you work in education like myself, you will be too! Thankfully I only work 3 days a week. But this means I need to work extra hard in my spare time to make money. The summer holidays are a hard time to keep focused on goals, and although I’m really pleased I achieved my £500 summer challenge, I did struggle with some of my other goals, particularly having any sort of cleaning routine as normality just goes out the window!

This is why September is such a great month to regain focus. Even if you don’t have kids heading back to school, the nights begin to get shorter and people start to look forward towards Halloween, Bonfire Night and (dare I say it) Christmas. If you’ve been enjoying one too many icecreams or trips to the pub in the sunny beer garden, again September can be a great time to get back on a healthy eating plan.

Finanically speaking, if you haven’t thought about Christmas at all yet, now is the time to start putting some money aside so that December’s paypacket isn’t completely devoured by it all. This could simply be by putting some of your existing wages aside, or trying your luck to make some extra cash through side hustles such as EBay or Matched Betting.

Click here to see how I save for Christmas all year round – without even noticing!

Here are my goals for September 2018:

  1. Make £300 extra in side hustles


This should be fairly achievable as I have A LOT to list on ebay. I also intend to up my Matched Betting by setting aside dedicated time for it several times a week. (see point 2)  These are my main 2 side hustles, but I am also the social media manager for a friend’s business which basically involves scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts daily. This is a guaranteed £50 a month at the moment with the potential for more. The company are currently in talks with some major online retailers. It is pure luck that I got this role as it was literally a friend approaching me rather than me seeking something out.

Want to learn more about Matched Betting and how YOU could start earning extra cash too? See my beginner’s guide here.


  1. Develop and stick to an evening routine

I am a big fan of The Organised Mum cleaning method but unfortunately my daily 30 mins cleaning has gone out the window over the summer. Being back at work will help me get back on top of this. However, it got me thinking about how I could use my time more wisely for my side hustles listed in point 1 and also my blog. I am going to timetable 30 min slots for each task that I need to do, set my phone timer and be completely focused upon that task for the duration. No stopping to make a cuppa or check a Whatsapp notifaction! (I am terrible for both of these things). As I write this post I have a timer on right now and so far I have 10 minutes left. At the end of that time if the task isn’t finished I can either have a break or set it for another 30 minutes to continue.

When I have devised my routine I will post about it in more detail separately but at the moment my main concern is to not overwhelm myself by try to do too much especially if it is after a full day at work!

  1. Add swimming to my weekly fitness routine

I went swimming a couple of times over the summer and I had forgotten how much I love it. I was also really impressed that my Apple Watch knew exactly how many lengths I had done and also the strokes I had used! I currently go to a bootcamp class twice a week and the gym once a week so my main issue is finding the time to go swimming on top of this.


  1. List 50 items on EBay

This is linked to both point 1 and 2 – I obviously want to make the money but also I have a load of stuff out of the loft to list. It would be overwhelming to try and do it all in one go so I intend to spend half an hour several times a week photographing the items before sitting down in front of the TV to list them. Doing this little and often will hopefully be a better way to manage it and also get me into the routine of listing, which hopefully will lead to more sales!

If you want to learn more about my eBay reslling journey, here’s how I made over £300 in my first 60 days


  1. Blogging Goals

I also have a couple of blogging goals I want to try and achieve in September. The first is to consistently post twice a week. If I stick to my time management method then this will be achievable around my work commitments. I am also going to focus on getting 1000 Instagram followers. I tend to pick up a few every day and am currently up to 776 so with a bit of a push I hope to achieve this.


So there are my goals for September – just as my 30 minute timer went off! It will probably take another couple of 30 minute slots to proofread, create the images, add links and promote it, but it’s another job ticked off the list at least!

What are your September goals? Let me know in the comments! Here’s Grainne from WannaBeDebtFreeUk ‘s August round-up and goals for September.

I’m taking part in the Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at and Emma at


Reader Comments

  1. Great goals! Good luck with them 🙂 Mine are very similar.
    Setting a timer for a task is such a good idea to improve productivity – I often do it for the tasks I can’t be bothered to do, it’s amazing what you can get done in short bursts with no distractions.x

    1. Thanks! Yes it really is a great way of keeping on track without distractions. Good luck with your goals too and thanks for commenting 🙂

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