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  1. My OH and I used to do the same. We split our bills between us but had our own seperate accounts. Now that we have a house and the mortgage we decided to open a joint account. We each put the same amount in each month and this covers the mortgage, bills, holidays and anything to do with the house, as we are doing it up. We only started doing this a couple of months ago so we’re still trying to see how much we need to put in it so we can save a little too.

    We keep our own accounts seperate and use them for each other’s birthdays/christmas and our own things. He earns a fair bit more than me but i feel guilty using his money when I have my own! But i don’t think that because we don’t use each other’s money that we’re not in a strong relationship and I know if I asked he would help me if I needed (he does offer too!) But I know quite a few people tend to disagree with that so it’s nice to read this and know it’s not just me! 🙂

    1. Yes this sounds very similar to us! I do think it’s nice to have your own spending money as I would feel guilty too, also I know I would moan at how much he spent on certain things if the whole pot was shared whereas it doesn’t bother me if it’s separate. As long as the agreed amount is going into our shared pot and the bills are paid then it doesn’t matter what the rest goes on.

  2. Ours has been all in one pot since the day we moved in together. Everything is ”ours’. As far as pressies go for us it’s not the amount of money spent, but the amount of thought that has gone into a gift. Neither of us are big spenders. I tend to manage our day to day finances.We have a joint bank account and we have separate online log ins so either of us can look at the account any time. We make our own small purchases when we need something without consulting the other as no been. I do an online shop once a week and we have a subscribe and save delivery once a month. At some points I’ve been the earner and for the last 10yrs he’s been the only earner, although I have disability money and carers allowance. It all just goes into the one pot. We don’t even think about separate money or what the other is having that we don’t. We think of us as a family unit. It’s our future and our life together. If you see what I mean.

    1. Thanks for commenting, it’s really interesting to see how others do it. I can’t ever imagine having all our money together but then we are recently reformed big spenders as I mentioned in the post. I would not feel comfortable buying myself expensive items out of a shared pot, not that I do any more but when I earned a lot more I wouldn’t think twice about buying myself a new bag or dress that could be around £100. There’s not much chance of that these days though!

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