Top Tips for Playing Online Games for Free

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Top tips for playing online games for free


Thanks to lockdown, online gaming is now more popular than ever. Consoles and PC gaming have always been popular, but a recent survey indicates the increase in popularity of console-less gaming platforms.


Of course, whatever your preference, gaming can be an expensive hobby, with the average set up of a gaming system and games costing anywhere between $200-$1000. For a pro gamer, a decent set up is essential for their gaming experience.

It can therefore be surprising at first to learn that console-less, mobile casual gaming is now more popular than any other form of gaming. But when we break down the facts, it is easy to see the reasons for this. As the number of smartphone users worldwide surpasses 3 billion, so many people who would not otherwise own a games console now have access to free online games.


If you’re looking for free online games to play for yourself, or your children, here’s our top tips for playing online games for free.


Look for free games websites


There are a wealth of free games websites out there that a quick Google search can find you. Our favourite of these is Here you can find a range of games suitable for the whole family. What we especially liked about this site is that unlike some other free online games websites, it has no ads or sneaky redirects, so you can rest assured kids (or even adults!) won’t get duped clicking a button that looks like it’s for the game but actually redirects to another site.


Our tester really enjoyed Neon Invaders, a Space Invaders inspired game that remains faithful to the original gameplay (and addictiveness!), while our younger tester really enjoyed the strategy simulation game Tap Supermarket, where you are in charge of running a supermarket, making new stock purchases and restocking the shelves.

There was lots of maths and strategic thinking involved in order to make the supermarket a success, which made it challenging but fun.

Check the App Store or Google Play for free apps


Just like web based games, there are a wealth of free to download mobile app games suitable for the whole family. Just like the free online games websites, these have a wide range of categories, with life simulation and puzzle games proving to be especially popular.


Here’s 15 free to play mobile games you may find useful.

Beware of in app purchases


Many of these mobile games are free to play, but contain in-app purchases that can prove to be very costly, especially in the hands of children, so it is important to check the settings on your device to ensure these features are locked.


As an example, games often use premium in-game currency features to speed up upgrades or time, and children can be oblivious as to how much these can cost. Disabling these features is the best way to ensure no accidental purchases are made.


Check the reviews, ratings and age suitability for younger gamers


Due to the increase in popularity of console-less and mobile games, there are obviously millions of free games to choose from. They will not all be equal in terms of quality, game play and the overall gaming experience. 

Similarly, due to individual taste, there will be some games that others rave about but you simply do not enjoy yourself. Checking the reviews and ratings of a free online game can give you can idea of what others think, but it’s always a good idea to test the game out for yourself before making a final decision.

For younger gamers, most free online games are suitable for the whole family, but be sure to check the ratings for any unsuitable features. Often with mobile games, this may just be that a game is too difficult for children rather than featuring unsuitable content.

Choose games that are fun for the whole family 


Finally, if you are looking for free online games to keep the kids entertained, choose interactive games that everyone can play together, rather than isolating people to their individual devices. Games such as Heads Up are a great way to integrate mobile game technology into interactive family time.


Choosing the right free online games for your family can not only save you money, but increase the fun for everyone.

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