UK Bloggers Summer Giveaway

Summer is well and truly here in the UK and although the weather seems to have reverted back to normal of late, the spring was the sunniest on record. Coupled with the lockdown, there has never been a better time to make use of the garden, and what better way than to relax on a…Read More

2020 Aims and Becoming Debt Free in 2019

2020 Aims and Becoming Debt Free in 2019   I’m no fan of New Year’s resolutions as you can read here, but I have set myself some 2020 aims and will break them into monthly goals. Doing this last year has certainly made me more accountable, if only to myself, and I am really pleased…Read More

How to budget your food shop this Christmas

Budget your food shop this Christmas   One of my most popular posts is the ways I save money on my grocery shop, because people are always surprised to discover just how little we spend on food without making much of a sacrifice about what we want to buy. With that in mind, I wanted…Read More

Chocolate Concrete – the original!

Do you know what chocolate concrete is? Growing up in Lincolnshire this was an absolute staple “pudding” both at home and school, so imagine my surprise when deciding to make it one day in the early 2000s and being baffled that my husband, from North West England, had never heard of it. Even more surprisingly,…Read More

6 Things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)

6 things to buy secondhand (other than clothes)  6 things to buy secondhand I am a recent convert to charity shop fashion after taking part in SecondHand September. However I have been selling and reselling on ebay for over a year now, and around 80% of my listings are not clothing, bags or shoes. Whether…Read More

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