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Welcome to Skinny Spending, where I help you become financially fitter without resorting to the extreme. Because when you think about it, saving money and going on a diet actually have a lot in common. 

Firstly there’s the good intentions, until after a few days of deprivation, something cracks and you end up buying a new coat on your Visa card (which is the diet equivalent of stuffing your face with a box of Krispy Kremes.)  

The bottom line is, just like in the world of nutrition, crash diets just don’t work.

So if you’re fed up of hearing about no spend challenges and giving up your Starbucks fix to save money, you’re in the right place!

Melissa x

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Make Money

Explore the legitimate ways you can make money from home to boost your income. Pay off debt, save for a holiday, or simply enjoy having extra to spend or save! 

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Saving money doesn’t have to mean cutting out all the fun stuff. Discover ways you can save money while still living the life you want.


Get access to a library of free and paid resources to help you in your journey to becoming financially fitter, including printables, discount codes and recommended tools.

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