My Recommended Financial Resources

Financial Resources

The following resources are those that I personally use and recommend. In some cases, the link is an affiliate or referral code which means I may receive a commission if you sign up. In some cases, we are both rewarded. All such links are clearly marked with AD. If a link is not marked with AD, I am recommending the product independently of any incentive. 

Plum – The AI Assistant That Grows Your Money(AD)

How Plum Grows Your Money

How I Pay for Christmas out of my spare change every year using Plum!

Starling Bank*

I use Starling as a second bank account to that I am paid into for spending money and savings pots. It makes it effortless to organise my money into different savings pots or sinking funds without the need for multiple bank accounts.

*My Starling Bank link is a referral that I receive no personal reward for. Instead, Starling will plant a tree for every sign up.

What is a Smart Bank Account?

What is a Sinking Fund?

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