Guest Post: How to Teach Kids to Save Money

Today I have a guest post from Elkyra over at Easy Parenting Hacks all about teaching kids to save money. As a parent I cannot stress how important this is and also wish I had learnt to appreciate money from a much younger age.   How to Teach Kids to Save Money   Saving money is…Read More

Are “Bargain shops” sabotaging your budget?

Are Bargain shops sabotaging your budget?   When I began my debt free journey, I cut my spending in a number of areas including clothes, make up and meals / nights out, and significantly managed to reduce my spending. Great, right? Did I save money? Yes. Did I become debt free? Yes. Did I declutter…Read More

Are no spend challenges worth the hassle?

Are no spend challenges worth the hassle? Everywhere I turn, new years resolutions are in full swing, and when you follow the money saving and debt free communities on Instagram, it is inevitable that you will come across a lot of people who have set themselves no spend challenges for January. I have to say,…Read More

Kickstart your 2020 finances with Chip

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Kickstart your finances in 2020 with Chip How are you taking charge of your finances in 2020? 2019 was a great financial year for me, where I managed to pay off my credit card and car leaving our family with no debt other than the house. As a couple…Read More

Boxing Day Sales 2019: How much did I save?

Boxing Day Sales 2019: What I bought and how I saved over £130  If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I always take advantage of the post Christmas sales both online and in person and try and maximise the value of what I’m buying. I have really scaled down buying clothing…Read More

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