Are “Bargain shops” sabotaging your budget?

Are Bargain shops sabotaging your budget?   When I began my debt free journey, I cut my spending in a number of areas including clothes, make up and meals / nights out, and significantly managed to reduce my spending. Great, right? Did I save money? Yes. Did I become debt free? Yes. Did I declutter…Read More

Frozen Yoghurt “Cupcakes”

Frozen yogurt “cupcakes”   Frozen yoghurt cupcakes are one of my new favourites! This quick to prepare frozen treat is great for a quick snack or a lunchbox (if kept chilled). What’s more, it is a great way of using up yoghurt that may not get eaten before its use by date, hopefully saving you…Read More

Are no spend challenges worth the hassle?

Are no spend challenges worth the hassle? Everywhere I turn, new years resolutions are in full swing, and when you follow the money saving and debt free communities on Instagram, it is inevitable that you will come across a lot of people who have set themselves no spend challenges for January. I have to say,…Read More

2020 Aims and Becoming Debt Free in 2019

2020 Aims and Becoming Debt Free in 2019   I’m no fan of New Year’s resolutions as you can read here, but I have set myself some 2020 aims and will break them into monthly goals. Doing this last year has certainly made me more accountable, if only to myself, and I am really pleased…Read More

Kickstart your 2020 finances with Chip

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Kickstart your finances in 2020 with Chip How are you taking charge of your finances in 2020? 2019 was a great financial year for me, where I managed to pay off my credit card and car leaving our family with no debt other than the house. As a couple…Read More

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