Workout Your Wallet Budgeting Bundle

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Workout Your Wallet Complete Budgeting Bundle


This comprehensive collection of ALL my budgeting resources contains:


  • Spending Tracker Printable
  • Spending Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Ultimate Monthly Grocery Shopping List Printable & Tips to reduce your spend
  • Comprehensive & Fully Customisable Budget Spreadsheet
  • Fully Customisable Christmas & Birthday Expenses Calculator (Spreadsheet)
  • Holiday & Days Out Expenses Calculator (Spreadsheet)
  • Side Hustle Tracker Printable
  • Side Hustle Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Fully Customisable Sinking Fund Calculator – Calculates the amount you need to save monthly or weekly for MULTIPLE sinking funds!
Holiday budget planner
Input the costs of a holiday or day out and watch the spreadsheet calculate the costs!
Sinking Fund Tracker
Once the annual expense of each Sinking Fund is added, the monthly or weekly cost will be calculated. Keep track of how much you have saved in each fund.

Q: I don’t have access to a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. What can I do?

Google Sheets is a free Google app that is available to anyone with a gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account, you can sign up for free. This account actually gives you access to a completely free set of apps similar to Microsoft Office as well as 5gb of storage on a cloud based drive, so it’s a no brainer! (But enough about Google, as this is not a sponsored ad for them!)

Q: I’ve never used spreadsheets before. Are they complicated?

Not at all! The beauty of the spreadsheets you will find in this pack is that the calculations are all built in, so you can track every aspect of your budget using the various tools, just by inputing numbers.

Q: Can I adapt the resources for my own personal use?

Of course! The whole point of them is to taylor them to fit your own requirements. All I ask is that you do not pass them on to others, or revamp them and sell or distribute as your own.

Q. How do I use the resources?

Each spreadsheet comes with a set of instructions, as well as instructions on how to download and convert to either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Once you have downloaded them, you can create or reuse as many copies as you need for your own use, so for example each month you will probably want to start a new budget or spending tracker.

Q. Do I need a specific program to access the printables?

No, as these will download as pdfs.


1 review for Workout Your Wallet Budgeting Bundle

  1. Admin

    Fabulous, great value set of budgeting resources and so simple to use!

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