The Skinny Spending Philosophy – 5 ways to treat your budget like a diet

The Money Diet: 5 Ways To Calorie Control Your Budget It was only when I came up with the idea of “Skinny Spending” that I began to realise just how many similarities there are between dieting and saving money, and how easy it can be to fall off the wagon in each case. And while…Read More

How you could save hundreds on the cost of a mobile phone

  How You Could Save Hundreds on the Cost of a Mobile Phone Please note: Although this post contains some affiliate links I am not affiliated with Three and have received no sponsorship from them for this post, I am purely recommending their offers based on my own experience. Hands up if you have ever…Read More

Turning 40: Money Advice (and more) to my younger self

  No matter how you feel about it, 40 is one of those big milestones that is hard to ignore. It is a “proper grown up” age. I remember at 16 when I actually thought 30 was middle aged and how far away it all seemed. But now I will be ticking the age box…Read More

Save money on Christmas NOW

Save money on Christmas NOW November is already here, and if you haven’t done anything to prepare for the C word yet, do not despair! In an ideal world you will already have money budgeted, but I know this isn’t always the case. So what can you do to save money on Christmas now? Here…Read More

6 Things I stopped buying at Christmas to save money

6 Things I stopped buying at Christmas to save money Christmas is fast approaching, and I have to admit after months of barely buying anything I do feel I’ve been hit with a bit of a spending bug, even if the majority has been gifts for other people! I’ve consoled myself with the fact that…Read More

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