Is it worth selling CDs on eBay?

Is it worth selling CDs on eBay?   Anyone who has visited a charity shop, car boot or jumble sale in the past few years will know that CDs, once something many of us would happily pay £10 + for, can now barely fetch pennies and are often bundled together in deals such as 5…Read More

Sell junk on eBay to make money!

Can you actually sell junk on eBay? If you’re wondering if you can sell “junk” on eBay, you might be surprised at the answer. You might be thinking, eBay is full of people’s old junk, so when I say sell junk on eBay, I am talking literal rubbish that would have otherwise got thrown away!…Read More

Being an eBay Reseller: How I made over £300 in my first 60 days

Being an eBay reseller isn’t something I thought I would do to make money from home. Like most people, I had dabbled as an eBay reseller in the past to get rid of various bits of clutter, but that was as far as it went. Generally my experiences as a seller had been ok (not…Read More

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