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  1. Hello Melissa,
    Thanks for the advice to check when looking for a professional moving company to lease. I plan on moving this summer, and we have a lot of stuff that we can’t handle on our own. I have a tight schedule, so we will be sure to find a professional moving company that has good reviews for when we move.

  2. Nice article! The emergence of fractional ownership in India was a ray of hope to many investors during the onset of COVID-19, precautionary-induced lockdowns, and the subsequent economic descent. The idea of fractional ownership aims at providing a fair chance of investment in mega commercial projects to all investors, which can impact the real estate sector as we know it today.

  3. What a well written and compassionate article. I found your ideas and wisdom encouraging and helpful. I want to add Fractional ownership in real estate. It allows investors complete freedom to choose the type of property they wish to invest in.

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