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What is the Daily Mail Rewards club?

The Daily Mail Rewards Club, or MyMail, is a free rewards club for readers of the Daily Mail. Since 2017, MyMail has partnered with Nectar to offer its members exclusive bonus Nectar points for purchasing the Daily Mail.

Anyone can sign up for a free MyMail Rewards account – you don’t need to have bought a paper to do so, but you will need the unique numbers printed on copies of the Daily Mail in order to access rewards.

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How do I claim Free Nectar Points with Daily Mail Rewards Club?

Each day on the back page of the Daily Mail newspaper, a unique number will be printed at the bottom. Entering this code into the MyMail website in the bar at the top:

You have 4 days to use the unique number before it expires. Duplicate codes are not accepted, so if someone else in the household (or workplace) has already used the code, it will be invalid.

The more codes you enter, the more Nectar Points you will accumulate. Currently, you can earn up to 70 Nectar points per week broken down as follows:

Non subscriber: 5 points daily every time you enter a unique number

Ultimate or Premium Pack Daily Mail Subscriber: 10 points Mon – Sun every time you enter a unique number.

Mail+ Subscriber (online version of the Mail) – There are no unique numbers printed on the online version of the paper, however you will be automatically credited 150 Nectar points per month for every month you remain subscribed. These points are issued on the 21st of the month.

How Do I Spend My Daily Mail Nectar Points?

Your Nectar Points will simply be credited to your Nectar account to spend on Nectar Rewards in the usual way.

How to sign up for MyMail

It is simple and free to sign up for the Daily Mail Rewards. You will just need some basic personal information such as name, address and email.

Click here to get started.

You don’t need a unique number from the paper in order to sign up, but you won’t be eligible for any rewards until you enter at least one unique number.

How to link your Nectar Card

Once you have signed in to My Mail, there is an option to link your Nectar Card. If you already have a nectar card, this is straightforward to do by following the onscreen instructions.

If you don’t have a Nectar card, then you will be prompted to sign up for one.

Daily Mail Rewards Nectar card

What other offers can I claim with Daily Mail Rewards?

In addition to collecting Nectar points, there are a number of offers available on the MyMail website which change frequently. If you’re visiting the site to enter your unique numbers, it’s a good time to check if there are any offers you want to redeem.

Here’s an example offer from July 22:

Daily Mail rewards example offer

In order to claim this free sunscreen and cooling soap, as a non subscriber I just need to enter one unique number. I don’t need to use any Nectar Points for this offer. If I was a subscriber, I could claim the offer automatically without needing to enter a unique number.

Make sure you check the T&Cs of the offer – for this one I needed to pay £3.95 for postage and the offer was limited to the first 7000 claims. I still thought this was a good offer for the cost of one newspaper as I needed a facial sunscreen for my holiday.

Other offers included 57% at a restaurant on a meal for 2, and 25% off a spa booking. All these offers only needed one unique number to claim.

How to get Daily Mail Rewards unique numbers without buying a paper

Obviously, the whole point of the MyMail rewards scheme is to encourage newspaper sales and subscribers, but there are a few legit ways to get around this.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you have a relative or friend who gets the Daily Mail but is not interested in collecting the unique numbers, ask if you can use theirs. This is still all legit and above board as long as they are happy for you to use them, as they have purchased the newspaper, and otherwise the number goes to waste.

Similarly, if your workplace has communal newspapers for staff or guests you could try and use these – it’s probably polite to check with whoever supplies them first.

Finally, if you are a Waitrose shopper, you can claim a free newspaper on a £40+ grocery shop with their MyWaitrose Loyalty card. This is a great way to get the Daily Mail for free if you are going to be spending £40+ in Waitrose anyway, but probably more time and effort otherwise – you might as well just buy a copy of the paper!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the Daily Mail Rewards Club unique numbers

Each day the unique number is printed on the back page of the Daily Mail at the bottom.

What to do If your Daily Mail Rewards unique number code doesn’t work

If your unique number is torn or unreadable, you can still claim your reward points.  Simply click the Missing Numbers link on the MyMail Rewards site and answer a question about that day’s newspaper.

How many Nectar Points do I get with Daily Mail?

Non subscribers get 5 points per unique number.

Subscribers to the physical paper get 10 points per unique number.

Online Subscribers (Mail+) get 150 points per month automatically added.

Are you a Daily Mail Rewards Club member?

Are you already a MyMail member, or are you now going to sign up after reading this post? Either way, leave a commment and share your thoughts with the community.

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