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This guest post is written by Stacy from Income Camping.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty of employment has become a legitimate issue worldwide. People are living in financial insecurities. People are already aware of the importance of saving money. But, to live a peaceful economic life in the future and people need more money. Sometimes, they have to spend what they earn.

If the rising unemployment and job loss scenario gives you nightmares, you should consider a solution that provides relief. However, no solution will have its desired impact on your financial life if you do not make some lifestyle changes. You must think out of the box and implement ways to save and generate money to secure your financial future.

One such way is to make use of your hobbies to earn money. Contrary to the popular notion that hobbies drain you of your money, you can find ways to turn your hobbies into money-earning schemes for yourself.

A few ideas that can get you started are as follows.


People who love writing should consider blogging as a part-time money-making option. Your hobby for blogging can give you opportunities to become famous on the Internet. What is so good about blogging, and why is it so popular? Blogging is popular because it allows you to try your writing skills and let the world know about your talent. Besides, it helps you to earn money too in the process through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

It would be best if you choose a subject of your interest. You would also want to write as often as possible. The general thumb rule is to write for the blog at least three or four times a week. But make sure your post caters to the interests of the visitors. Try to provide valuable information to the visitors to build a subscriber base and make a significant profit. Also, try to write quality articles.



There is always a great demand for good cooking and good food. If you love to cook up a great meal that others relish, you can capitalize on this talent. If cooking is your hobby, you can utilize this hobby to earn money.

You can arrange cooking classes at your home. You can also provide cooking training online. You need to make videos of your cooking and upload them on social media like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Through the cooking classes, you can teach others your recipes. You may also sell your food items at various stores or craft shows. You can also opt for being a personal chef or start your catering services.

If you don’t want to start cooking classes, you can upload videos of different delicious meals you cook at home on social media. By doing this, you can earn money based on views and shares you get online.

Social networking

Do you love watching videos on social media? Can you make others laugh through your jokes? Are you a makeup lover and often do professional makeup? Do you have inspirational thoughts in mind? If so, then there is good news for you.

You can make money with social media using your unique talents. Also, you can expand your business and connect with many people through social platforms and thereby earn maximum profits.

With the popularity of social networking websites, more and more people are joining them every day, and, as such, you get a high chance to increase your monthly income.

There are a variety of social networking options available to you. The social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn have become very popular for creating a brand image. It has been buzzing worldwide, with terms like the post, comment, tweets, retweets, display picture (DP), and many others.

Don’t stick only with one social platform. Spread out. Find out the networking sites that fall into line with your products, creativity, channel, or services. Then develop your niche audience to get exposure and value. There are many easy ways to make money with social media. You need to learn those ways and stay updated with the SEO-related fundamentals.

money making hobbies



In case you are very fond of animals and love pets, you can offer pet grooming services to others and earn an extra bit. Some of the options are walking dogs, pet sitting, and grooming pets’ services. Many people are not sure where to leave their pets when traveling.

You could also open a pet care center right at your home so that you can take care of these pets and earn money for this.

Writing e-books

Writing is one of the most popular and lucrative ways to earn dollars. It will help if you have a flair and a passion for writing. You can also make money by selling e-books.

If you are already a famous writer and writing is your favorite hobby, you can sell the e-book easily. It will help you become a well-known online writer, and you can write and sell e-books to make money.

money making hobbies


Making crafts

If you have a particular interest in art and craft, you can utilize your hobbies to earn dollars. Create new items and sell the pieces in stores. Winning cash prizes can also be possible if you enter your work in contests.

You can also use your talent by designing and submitting your work for being published in magazines and books. Moreover, you can offer tuition classes to people who have a passion for creating beautiful arts and crafts.

Taking photos

If you have a passion for photography, you have many opportunities to make a quick buck. Try to take various inspiring and unique digital photographs. Promote your pictures online to grab eyeballs.

You can also sign up with websites that pay you against per download of your photo. You can also provide photoshoot service for special occasions like weddings, pre-wedding candid photoshoot, baby photoshoot, pregnancy photoshoot, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, etc.

Search engine optimization

If you know search engine optimization (SEO) and your hobby is surfing the Internet all day, you can become an affiliate marketer. Many merchant companies are looking for an affiliate marketer who can promote their products and services on their behalf.

If you have enough time at home and you’re well-versed with internet marketing efforts, you can undoubtedly become an affiliate marketer. Sign up with the merchant company, and they will give you an affiliate link through which you have to market their products and services.

You may use e-mails and social media as a means for selling your products. You can earn a commission on the number of leads that you generate for the merchant company.

health goals



If you are a fitness freak and good with sports, you can use that to make a quick buck. In your free time, you can post yoga videos and other fitness tips to inspire people.

You can also work as a referee or an umpire, or the coach of any local team that needs guidance. If you are good at the sport that you play, you can provide sports training.

The Internet has allowed you to capitalize on your hobbies and use what you love to make money. If you face financial hardship, you should think of your inner abilities, hobbies, and interest in subjects. There is no harm in trying. If you succeed, you can start earning dollars and get an opportunity to live a tension-free life.

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